Hello! We're Daniel and Cara-Marie Findlay, and Findlayhouse.com is our online address. It's an online space where we use our creativity to share with, and inspire, others.

We wanted our online home to reflect the ambience of our physical home together. Thus, whether you find us at home in Atlanta or at home online, you will find we enjoy thought-provoking, transparent conversation,  good food, and even better music. Smiles are abundant and laughter is a common occurrence.  

Our Jamaican roots taught us the true meaning of hospitality and as a result we both enjoy entertaining guests and connecting with others, especially over food.

In sharing the intimate details of life through our blog, we hope to encourage you to live beautiful, honest lives that will in turn inspire those around you. 

Cara hosted a blog at seespeakshare.wordpress.com for 4 years.

In 2014 we candidly shared our marriage and wedding planning experience with an audience of more than 800 through Cara's wedding Wednesdays blog series.

At Findlay House we will continue to share our insights on life, faith, love, and marriage. Be our guest. 

Our Story

Danny was born in Queens, New York and Cara was born in Kingston, Jamaica. Danny and Cara crossed paths in their early teenage years in Palm Beach, Florida. After getting over their initial dislike for each other the teenage boy that could only be described as cool and the quirky girl became fast friends. What they didn't know is that the friendship they developed would last through the years. 

With a friendship that spanned more than a decade, Danny proposed to Cara in the presence of their families on Thanksgiving Day 2013. On November 1st, 2014 Findlay House was officially established when the two joined together as one in marriage.  

Creative giants in their own right, Danny and Cara continue to challenge each other, and those around them, to be the best version of themselves. Keeping their marriage mission statement in mind, Danny and Cara made a decision to create a safe haven online where transparency, creativity, and thinking for yourself is applauded.

Danny is a Student Life Pastor. In this role he designs dynamic spiritual activities for, and connects with, middle and high school students throughout the week, as well as on Sundays. Cara is an accomplished freelance editor and writer, who specializes in nonprofit and publishing clients.