"It's Only Forever - It's Not Long At All..."

“It’s Only Forever – It’s Not Long At All…” From the song “The Underground” by David Bowie

I believe in eternity.

I understand that it is immeasurable. If eternity had a beginning God has long been present before it and if it has an end He will remain long after it has past.

In the beginning was God.

In Anno Domini 1989 on the 23rd day of October was me. That’s when eternity started for me. I was not always aware of that and even when I became aware and even though I am aware there have been moments when my behavior has suggested otherwise.

Forever is hard to fathom.

Perhaps for some it would be nice to think that forever is not long at all. It is so much easier to live in the here and the now. But how can we reject the concept of eternity or how our daily decisions will affect how we spend it when there is evidence of this cause and effect relationship all around us?

If you have lived past the age of six then you have seen, as well as understood, that a decision we make today can continue to affect us years from now. Why then wouldn’t it continue to have an effect even after the hospital monitor shows a flat-line?

As a Christian I try to keep everything in the scope of eternity, it’s amazing how insignificant some of my day to day activities become when I do this.



This is my focus.

Pleasing God and spending the rest of my eternity with Him. Even if I live to be a hundred years old forever is much longer than that...