He Loves Her. He Loves Her Not. He...

Photo By: Lxr Kan

Photo By: Lxr Kan

He loves her.

She’s the only one that sees him for what he is.

And she loves him.

He loves her back

…and front and first and last.

She makes him laugh.

He returns the pleasure.

Her smile is amazing.

He enjoys the moment when his fingers comb a path thru her hair.

He could stare at her for hours.

She compliments him.

He needs her.

It’s evident in the way he touches her.

The way he looks at her.

The way he requests her opinion.

The way he blooms at her approval.

And the feeling never passes although he’s tried to shake it.

He’s obligated but doesn’t understand why.

Doesn’t always like it.

And so…

He loves her not.

She’s the only one that sees him for what he is not.

And she scares him.

And he scares her back

…and front; the one and only.

No one else’s opinion carries such weight.

He recoils at her opposition.

Why is she so difficult?

Why does she rebel?

Why does she refuse to jump on his bandwagon?

Why does she still intrigue him?

They’ve gone their separate ways

Numerous times

Still their journeys are tied up


Their relationship continues to resurface

Escaped from its deep watery grave.

Somehow their paths continue to intersect

Over and over.

She is an invisible flea that he can never be rid of...

That he never wants to be rid of

That scratches his back when he can’t reach it

That digs into his flesh when it’s least convenient.

He doesn’t want to need her.

She makes him feel-

She scares him and excites him at the same time.

A reflection of his stubbornness and determination.

A worthy match or else a most worthy opponent.

She sees him for what he is and for what he is not.

And she loves him.

That repels

And attracts him

All at the same time.


He loves her. He loves her not. He…

Loves her.