So...there's this guy

So... I like this guy


It's a for real, 100%, big deal



I have not the slightest clue

As to how to approach the situation

It's not as simple as being direct

Not when you've already established that

The man does the pursuing

And that the two of you are just friends

Nothing More

Nothing less

- I - can't seem to escape

...the fact that despite his rough edges

I'm drawn to him

I don't see him regularly

And we don't even talk all the time


...when we do

There's a connection.

He's not necessarily the ideal man

According to my sometimes "shallow" standards

But...He loves God & is lining His life up with the Bible - YES!

For Now - My lips are sealed.

There's no need to rush anything.

Quite frankly

Crushes usually look better from a distance.

Once you talk about it

It leaves the beautiful confines of the mind and has to be seen in the ugly light of reality

I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet.

Til then - Even if he asks he's Just a friend.