Lessons in Living

So... The other day I was on the phone with a friend who wanted my opinion about something

And you know what I did?

I DIDN'T give it to her.


Why is it that people want to be heard so much

That they never pass up an opportunity to give their opinion?

Are we so selfish that we never consider the affect it could have on the other person?

When someone Asks our opinion - they are doing just that, Asking

And we reserve the right to deny that request.

How soon we forget that requests can be denied.

Unfortunately most people enjoy the sound of their own voice

And can't resist the urge to feel important enough to share.

My friend asked and

I told her no.

She asked and told me how important I was to her

But it was in vain.


I wasn't trying to be mean. And I certainly wasn't trying to feel like "Ha! My opinion is so important"


I recognized that this was an opportunity for her to grow

She had to make a decision

And I could in no way shape or form

Influence that decision with my opinion

No matter how humble it was

And you know what?

She made the decision on her own

And when she wanted to talk about it

I was right there to listen to her and even add my 2 cents.

But that was only after the fact.


Sometimes a good friend isn't the friend who always has an opinion

It's the friend who allows you to make a decision for yourself

And is there to support you

Life isn't always clear cut

And I never want to be the friend responsible for another person's "What If"

We each must do what we think is best

We each must do what God tells us to do

Regardless of what others think

Even those closest to us

Because as I said in my last post

We will each have to give an account to God

For ourselves

And it won't matter that someone else's opinion

Influenced us to do something other than what God instructed


Sometimes we don't need someone else's opinion

Sometimes just knowing that someone is praying for you

Is enough to get you through the valley of decision

To the mountain top of triumph

What about you, do you always give your opinion or do you sometimes refrain in an effort to help others grow?

Sending out massive vibrations of

Love & Light