Oops - My bad God lol

So... Has God ever told you something and then you say I believe it

But then you find yourself coming up with conditions that need to be met

Before you Really believe it?

And then you catch yourself setting those conditions

And you try not to have them

...But then God meets those conditions Anyway

Just Because He can!

It's like a

"Boom, in yo' face - and what???" :rap star arm cross:



...yeah definitely just had a moment like that this morning

It's the equivalent to an


My bad God...uh...you know I was just kidding right??? I believed you the whole time."


:rolls eyes: Surrrrre you did.

You might as well say with a shame-faced blush "Thank you. You really didn't have to prove Yourself...Again! But you did just so I have no excuse. I hear you God loud & clear. Lesson learned. By the way did I say oops & thank you??? Okay..."

At least that's how I went about it ;-)

Blessings everyone!