That's How I Know That Love Is Real

**For My Parents It’s in the silence.

In the so-quiet-you-can-hear-a-pin-drop silence

When everything’s said without a word being whispered

Because it’s in the hushed gaze of two people-

It may only last a moment

When it's real it’s quick

But perhaps you may catch it

In the still of a photograph

As the pair of lovers forges a path to each other with their eyes


A tangible chemistry you wish you could cut

And slice and dish out for yourself

Because their look of love tastes so sweet

That’s how I know that love is real

It’s in their laughter

When they light up in a way that seems to say

Nobody else in this world

Can make me smile the way you do

Can make me laugh the way you do

Allows me to be as free as I am with you

So dressed down, so regular, so uncool

And still we’re everything we’ve ever wanted

That’s how I know love is real

It’s in the heartbreak

In the tears that surface

But even more in the tears that never escape

They way they know there’s no one else

They’d rather be with

No one else they’d rather face this with

When the opinions of outsiders fizzle out

And all they can hear is the sound of each other’s heart beat

As they sit listening for God

That’s how I know that love is real

It’s in their children

In the three dear hearts that a love like theirs can produce

And nurture

It’s in the story of a young girl from a Jamaican country side

And a young man in a town opposite of it

Who hap upon each other

And think nothing of one another

Until God decides to make them each other’s everything

It’s in a marriage

That has lasted 25 years


A marriage where the learning and loving never end

It’s in the example they set

Not in the words they say

But the life they live as one

That’s how I know that love is real

It’s in the mystery

The same one behind Christ’s love for the church

The love between man and woman

Husband and wife

It’s in sacrifice

That was epitomized when Christ died

For you

For me

A love that is tangible

A love that longs to touch us

Change us

Interact daily with us

…I feel it.

That’s how I know that love is real.