When You Can Talk About It...It's Over

When you can talk about it... It's over

When you can talk about it

...without bleeding emotion

(whether anger, sadness, love, hurt, bitterness, happiness, hope)

It's settled

And you have moved on...

...I went picture hunting today for this new super. duper. fly scrapbook I'm working on

And I came across a ton of old photos

including some from my last romantic relationship :)

I was a bit confused

So I talked to the God of Order

I said "God, it will never be like this again... I accept that...It won't be the same. It will be better - whenever You're ready for me to be with someone."

And I felt God beaming -

Mostly because I had that epitome in His presence and I shared it with Him.

I'm glad He beamed because I beamed right back.

It's good to know the SON

The relationship's been dead for a couple years now...

But I learned a lot of great things

As a result

There's no reason to be sad

"Don't cry because it's over smile because it happened"

as India so rightfully said "There's a blessing in every lesson"

D.B. and I are still great friends

I think that's the most anyone can ask for one a romantic relationship ends

He still makes me smile-

But as I'm a happy person that's not very hard to do

We had good times!

But let me tell you...this guy...shoot...God has BIG things in store

It's good to know him

Cheers to the man-friend who set the stage for even better

Much love to you...