For Those Who Dream...of ALL their Own

"Those who dream are held prisoner by the very thing they create..."~ Cara-Marie

Do you ever stop?

Do you ever stop To think To give me credit?

All those hopes I had gifted to you- Dashed in return at my feet. Melted. Now a sticky substance forcing me to stand my ground.

I swoon in place My emotions betray me yet again...

With every sliver of hope I decipher in the looks you shoot me - Bullseye!

Who was it?

Who told me That these chains around my feet Were made of love and not lead?

In any case You hold the keys to me release And I hear the clinking sound they make

And I see them dangling on your hip Every time you walk away And then return Only to find me In the same spot

Where you left me I was born a dreamer. Predisposed to hope on the smallest inkling of faith. Taking potential and instantly transforming it into the reality I choose to live and dream in...

So then Knowing you have the upper hand

Why cause me to hope on the fluff you feed me?

Why be my supplier?

Manufacturing the materials I need to build my castles in the sky. Castles I can't live in.

Castles you wouldn't live in with me

Even if they could hold our weight.


You could put me out of business You could release me to love others the way

I've grown

and grown and


to love you

You say you're not selfish

You say the feeling's mutual

But that's hard to believe when I'm hooked to a 5ft line All the while it seems You run the opposite direction to infinity and beyond Anytime I start reeling you in Always within arms length for you And almost always out of sight for me In your absence I tell myself my passion will melt away in its own time That the padlock will open and give way to a new freedom in which you don't exist

But then you return

You always return I'm not sure when always will end

But I don't live in fear of it I wait Patiently For those dazzling rare moments When

You're right in front of me You're breath falls on my skin And we're so close I can almost feel your heart beating inside of me I choose to believe that one day you'll feel what I feel And you won't run away And you'll loose my chains only to take my hand and walk with me into the skyline

Where earth & sky kiss And heaven meets earth There to spend eternity In a world created by love The kind of love I've dreamed of

And like birds we could fly to the ends of the earth Bringing with us gifts of love that spark hope in all other people Telling stories that cause young dreamers to hope that one day they can be set free to live in the reality of love

That they are so often held captive in

Because they choose to dream.