Musings of a Woman in Love

You gotta be

Have to be

Are the Only


…Only one. Only


That can get this out of me

Flows out of me

So easily

The flow of poetry

You gotta be

Have to be

Are the only


Once upon a time there was you

And then providence sent me

And then there were two


Two hearts that beat as one.

I know this is true


One time I was laying on your chest

And our hearts they were beating in sync


I knew you were the one for me

You gotta be

Have to be

Are the only


My intellect isn’t easily moved

Doesn’t easily groove

To the beat of someone’s else genius

I’m hardly impressed

Though easily amused

I’m smile a lot cause it’s cool

The way truth seems so funny to me

But for real you’re the only dude

That can stimulate thought and passion the way you do

In this thoughtful heart of mind (mine)

Soul All the way engaged

 Intellect, Will, Emotions combined

I think I love you

I choose to love you

I feel this love for you

It all stems from deep inside

A deeper part of me

One I’ll only let you see

And just to prove it here’s a confession


I never liked the jealous type

So why is it that the green-eyed monster

Creeps into my bed at night?

Truth is

I’m envious of your future wife

And the women you see on the daily

Part of me is like

This isn’t right? This is crazy

I know the good the bad and the ugly

If I’m falling for him

It’s not because I believe the hype

…And perhaps Angel Taylor has it right

“You’re not even human

Just a lovely idea of one...who I accidentally loved”

I accidentally loved My lovely idea personified, and if you're not all I've thought you up to be then that's alright

Because this is true

Then I expect too much of you

And what I’m demanding you can’t supply

I've no intentions for this to be

A one way street

I’ll give and give and give

Until you have all of me


But I will only operate with in my rights

No usurping, no rebelling, no strikes

Because I want to bowl a strike

Outside of you is an even larger target

And I need to hit the bullseye

Your physical I’m cool with

But I’m more attracted to your mind

That’s what I’m more in tune with

That’s what I’m more in swoon with

Even when we don’t see eye to eye

Which one would think would be a rare occurrence

Since you’re so much taller than I

Never mind

All I’m saying is you’re pretty fly

And I’m hoping one day we can be each other’s “mine”

You make me feel like a monarch

All these butterflies

Here’s my word

I will play my role

Good friend



I’m not trying to be selfish

My estrogen is tripping over itself

I can’t help it

And the love we produce

My promise to you

Won’t be horded

Honestly it costs too much

We can’t afford it

But we can share it

We can live it

Whatever problems there are in marriage

We can fix it

But this is me mixing

Hope and fantasy

But since its my reality

That makes it faith

The God who can orchestrate all things

If its His will

Will make a way

If not

Pray that my husband inspires me the same way