Teach Me

I'm not sure I understand what's happening but over the last three days I have been blogging consistently. For someone who is so pressed for time in most other areas I'm not sure how I'm managing to do it. I'm glad I am though. I think it's given me the added stability I seem to be needing these days...

I've decided to add a new category this one is entitled: Teach Me

And it's not about learning how to Douglas or Dougie (or whatever) either...although I still want to nail the catdaddy properly so my cousin will no longer be embarrassed when I break it down LOL...I digress...

Teach Me. It will be evident from the titles of the different posts which posts fall into this particular category.

Last night I did a lesson/learned in my small group about "Having A Teachable Spirit"

God has really been dealing with me on the subject of accountability and the importance of having a teachable spirit.

On October 4th, I was chatting it up with a dear Christian sister of mine on twitter (@jinxchrys, a lovely young lady living in Nigeria) and she made a reference to the movie Limitless which I had not seen (at that point), I was interested in the reference and wanted to know more about it so I said #teachme.

Her response to me was this: "'Teach me'. simple but strong words. we def need to adopt more of that attitude @seespeakshare"

It didn't register with me at that time but that was the seed from which GOD opened my eyes to what He was trying to get across to me.

Four days later I found myself opening up to people I had never really talked to before about what was really going on with my life. When I say "open up" I mean to say that these were conversations that went below the surface. They weren't your everyday, normal "Hello." "How are you?" "Fine." "Good." conversations, there was much more substance to it than that.

GOD dropped the word accountability into my spirit. Once again I took to twitter and wrote:

"Accountability is important to me. I need it more than ever...I'm not smart enough to do it by myself & even if I am, I'm not that proud!" (<- Here of course the word proud means filled with pride.)

...It's so cliche of people to say that they like to try new things or that they're a professional learner, "Oh, I hate school but I love learning."

But how many of us really have a teachable spirit? One that is open to being held accountable which means being confronted, corrected, rebuked, trained, instructed...it requires putting pride aside, swallowing the insecurities that arise when you realize someone is better than you or more knowledgeable in a certain area.We should allow godly people to hold us accountable by the Word of God (see 2 Timothy 3:16).

The fact is everyone God has placed in our lives can teach us something and we have something we can teach them. How many learning opportunities have we missed out on that could aided in our journey to our destiny? All because we were too proud, or too afraid to ask or didn't like the person enough or didn't want to hear the message/lesson a certain way or just didn't want to hear it at all???

We need to get over ourselves! As I said in my last post none of us have it all together. We will never be on GOD's level. There will always be a deficit in the knowledge we have and can obtain. The sincere desire to learn is marked by an openness and willingness to be taught.

In 10 days I turn 22 (Countdown - lol). There's still so much that I'd like to learn. I'm not being super deep here either. I'm talking simple things.

For example:

How to be a good friend

How to transition from love to being in love

How to commit to loving unconditionally while in love

How to make the food I cook look nice (presentation is everything)

How to do my hair (I don't know what I'm doing. I did teach myself how to braid my own hair a few weeks ago go me!)

How to do my own eyebrows and makeup (not that I wear very much makeup but still I'm sure its good to know...)

How to fabulously represent my King daily (instead of bumming it every now and then...)

How to edit photos on my brother's MacBook Pro (I'm not jealous or anything)

...and I could go on and on.

Sure there are plenty of things we can teach ourselves but we were made to be socially interactive. Why reinvent the wheel when your friends with Michelin or GoodYear??? I'm sure I could learn something wonderful from all of you lovely people and I pray that I have something to offer you.

I hope that any interaction we have, whether via internet or outside of the cyber world leaves you more equipped or at least more encouraged to continue on your own life's journey.

Life's a journey...one that's meant to be shared.

Here I am. Teach me!


Loving you...