On Joyia Kelly

I couldn't sleep all last night - When I finally did get in bed all I could do was toss and turn.

Early yesterday morning a dear friend of mine, Joyia Kelly, went to be home with Jesus. I'm still at a loss for words. Still not sure what to say. Joyia leaves behind her husband Courtney "Redd Lettaz" Kelly and beautiful twin girls (Lyric Joy and Journi Agape) age 2.

All I could do last night was cry, and cry, and cry and pray, and cry, and talk to GOD and let Him know how much this news hurt my heart how much it broke my spirit - again. This morning I'm trying to focus on the goodness of God, His Sovereignty, His Faithfulness and His Grace. I know that Jesus does all things well and that even this is in line with His divine will, as hard as it is for me to fathom right now.

I met Joyia in the latter part of 2008. Joyia was gentle, kind, warm, and welcoming. Her beauty was rare and her smile and laugh were contagious. We became fast friends. Our very first telephone conversation lasted two hours. During that first conversation Joyia shared her testimony up until that point. Her transparency was remarkable. It was evident from that first conversation that Joyia wanted nothing more than for God to be glorified through her life and her story. That conversation was the first of many. We talked about everything from friendships and romantic relationships to our future plans, the state of the Church and just how amazing God was in general. When we didn't talk on the phone we were in contact via text message or twitter and facebook.


I can't remember the details exactly but when Joyia found out about my friend and sister Kaiya Castillo and her condition she took immediate interest. Joyia told people about Kaiya and had people praying for her. She added Kaiya on facebook and twitter and the two stayed in contact. On one particular occasion, Joyia had just gone home from a two-week hospital stay,  Joyia had me three-way Kaiya so that she could talk to her and encourage her. Kaiya had been in the hospital going on a month. That was Joyia Kelly. As much as she had going on in her world she always found the time to take interest in others, she always had an encouraging word. Her strength and beauty are beyond description.

Kaiya went home to be with the Lord on September 24th of this year and as many of you know I was devastated, I didn't expect it. I still haven't fully recovered from losing Kaiya. Hearing of Joyia's passing yesterday hurts me so much! I'm shocked. I wasn't expecting it in the least. I think about her two babies and her husband and her mother and it breaks me.

Losing two rare gifts from God in the form of Joyia and Kaiya in a 3-month time frame is...I don't have a word for it. As I grieve and find the little strength I can to pray for Joyia's family who is in more pain than anyone can possibly imagine I do try to take comfort in the fact that Jesus welcomed Joyia with open arms. She's in heaven and as much as she loves her family and friends, she would not come back here for anything in this world. I also try to imagine what it was like for Joyia and Kaiya to meet in person for the very first time. They'd spoken to each other here but never met. I'm sure it was a happy meeting and yet I know that nothing compares to being embraced by Jesus for the very first time. Joyia and Kaiya are both in the presence of God. Surrounded by His glory and by other saints who have gone on.

I love them both so much but I know they can't come to me. I have to go to them.

Join me in praying for God's strength for their families and friends.

Joyia has a book that will be released early next year its entitled "Blue Baby."

Here's a snippet of Joyia's Testimony:

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/10979576]

Forgive me for not being stronger but my heart aches too much.

Stay prayerful.