...Like This Again

Photo by: Dana Marin

Photo by: Dana Marin

I want to write like this again... I feel like where writing is concerned I'm growing down

"You know me. I am a woman. You’ve known that for quite some time now…reminding me when I didn’t want to be told, when I didn’t want to be reminded of the feminine frailties that served as proof of who and what I really am. Emotions. Tears. Etc. Oddly enough, I have built up a propensity to ignore such frailties especially in the company of men. In the presence of most others I am able to disengage from my emotions and to live above that innate desire to be accepted but you have always seen right through my hardened guise, seeing right to the heart of me."

Daaaaaaaaaang frailties??? propensity??? Come back words! I love you...

Random Note: I haven't really had a chance to take any photos lately, else they'd be attached to my two recent posts...It's been a busy time