Who Do You Love?

"Who do you love/(I want to lounge with you)/Are you for sure/..../So see/The moral of the story/Is a woman need love/The kind you so-called players never dreamed of/You gotta try love/Can't buy love..." - Loungin' (LL Cool J f. Total) I apologize (first to myself then to any of you who have been reading) for my lack of posting. A great deal of that is due to my lack of an internet connection at my apartment, as well as my "full" schedule but even more than that has been my lack of motivation to write. My writer's block has been major. And instead of making time to ease my way back into writing I've made up excuses as to why I have no time to devote to writing. <- That's just a sidebar.

I am fully convinced that people talk about what they love and who they love.

Correct me if I'm wrong, or even if you disagree, but before you do, think back and I'm sure you'll remember crossing paths with a girl who's in love and in a relationship and all she does is bring up her boyfriend in conversation because every topic of discussion reminds her of him. Even when they break up, if she's still in love chances are she'll still bring him up every chance she gets even if its to say something negative about him. That's why I've often said that the opposite of love is not hate as we understand it...the opposite of love is indifference. Hate is fueled by passion just as much as love is. So in fact another way to say that is people talk about what they're passionate about. 

With that being established and understood Who do you love? What are you passionate about? And are you for sure? LOL

People who talk about God and Jesus all the time catch a lot of flack. People will say if you got it you don't have to flaunt it. That's true. But there's a difference between flaunting and flaunting. If by flaunting a person is shamelessly displaying their passion for something else you cannot fault them. People talk about what they love. If by flaunting you mean a person is parading their self ostentatiously then yes by always if they have it no need to flaunt it.

The Good news is I love Jesus. I talk about Him all the time and bring Him up every chance I get. The bad news is other than my family (friends and church family included), food, music, art and culture, I'm not sure what else I love. Or more specifically who in terms of romantic relationships. And the truth is I'm the one standing in my own way. I'm not ready. And that's disappointing to me. When will I learn? I guess it can't be forced. But if it's fear holding me back then shame on me.

I could go on and on...with all this rambling but I won't.


The above is yours truly on my way to a tea party. I may not be a southern belle but I do floral very well. lol. I had fun at the tea party it could have been better but at the very least it got the wheels turning in my head about a couple of different projects.

...That's the latest.

Over and Out pilgrims.

Examine your mouth! See what it is that you love.

As for me I'm loungin' productively...

Grace and Peace all