You Don't Have My Permission

Nobody can hurt me without my permission. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Today is dedicated to writing...and not just a new blog post either...I'm writing this just because

No, today is about something much larger it's a project which requires me to embrace Kaiya's memory and face my feelings about her passing. That's a whole lot.

This week has been filled with a lot of "grown-up" decision making. Some were a sheer pleasure to make, others I made without thinking, and others though difficult had to be done. Some were wise decisions. Others, perhaps, not so wise.

Of all the lessons I have to learn this one is super valuable and crucial and I seem to be working at it and learning some new facet about it every day: Love people. Invest your time in them. Correct them. Forgive them. LOVE them. Even those who are unlovable & Especially the unlovely.

Open your heart. Let people in. But don't give them the power to crush your spirit or kill your dreams.

I will love you. All of you. Yes you included. As many people as I can and as many people as I meet.

But be aware that you don't have my permission to hurt me.

I will listen to and acknowledge your feelings. I will give ear to your advice and your opinions but you do not have my permission to squelch my spirit, you do not have my permission to detour, defer or destroy my dreams. You do not have permission to steer my life in whatever direction you believe it should go.

Your only option is to have your path cross with mine and be loved by me, regardless of distance, disappointments, disagreements, and the direction our lives are headed in.

People may or may not choose to reciprocate that love. But genuine love is not founded in reciprocation (unconditional means without condition, qualification, or limitation) and therefore a person's love for me or lack thereof won't thwart my conscious and intentionaldecision to love people.

And at the moment I'm too busy learning the ins and outs of loving people in general to be committed to learning how to be in love with a man...and that's the truth Ruth! I'm sure one day that will change but for now I'm quite content. Celebrate with me! :winks: lol

And if you happen to be like I once was, rather than relying on others for guidance and reassurance seek the One who's job it is to guide and reaffirm you - The Holy Spirit. He's invaluable when it comes to decision making and loving people.

And if you've been hurt before there's a solution to that too!! It's called forgiveness. Forgiveness is greater than hurt and is stronger than the worse'll need The Holy Spirit for that one too! He's quite vital really...

So go on. Stand up and be counted!

Love GOD first (only HE can teach us how to love ourselves) Then love people with all your might.

You'll be pleasantly surprised! Don't take my word for it...but do take God's!

...and let the people you love know..."I love you and you don't have my permission to hurt me." And if and when you do get hurt(because let's be honest it happens) rather than react be proactive and exercise one of the greatest gifts you've been given - the ability to forgive!

Grace and Peace to all you shining, smiling, pilgrims!

Loving you...