Good Mourning Heartache - A Poem

So I'm finding my voice. Again. Hearing it. Again. And. Getting used to it. For the first time. This was a poem I wrote a few years back.

And it was the first one that I dubbed worthy (long) enough to record.

And I'm proud of myself. I didn't record it a million and one times. I didn't cringe when I heard myself (big improvement). I wasn't overly critical of myself. And bottom line I didn't over think it.

I like it enough to try again. I'm such a weirdo!!

Performing on stage is nothing to me. I'm so used to it - singing in church, going to an arts school, etc., etc., but actually being recorded and listening to myself whoa that just really freaks me out!

Strange? Maybe. Probably. But true.

I love you for listening! Truth is - I love you anyway! All of you. Even if you don't love me back.

Journeying on Pilgrims

Much love and light to you!!