Read It and...

"Read it and weep" is how the saying goes. However, I'm not weeping (at the moment) and I certainly hope that you aren't weeping either.

So then...

Read it and...

Take action.

Be inspired.

Stop snooping. (LOL)

I suck at blogging! I've been managing to crank out only one post a month. Not good enough.

But with very good reason.

Photo by: Angelina Litvin

Photo by: Angelina Litvin

I've been journaling - the old fashion way. Notebook and pen (or pencil). I don't journal every day. However, I have discovered that I prefer pen and paper to the ever unreliable technology I'm currently surrounded by: my laptop and cellphone.

I wish this post could be a little more meaningful and thought provoking but it's not one of my better posts.

I simply wished to update those who care or who are bored enough to read about what's going on.

I'm still working on obtaining and maintaining balance. I'm growing up under a microscope or is it a mirror? Either way I'm able to see a little more each day what's really inside me. And when the pressure is on I get to see what I'm really made of...because when you're crushed what's in you comes out.

I'm really tired as I type this. I'm at work and the children have been having tantrums one by one ALL day!

Well since my last post. I've been working, a lot. Going out a little here and there to some really fly restaurants. I went on a family cruise to Bahamas - that was fun and filled with good food. I've been working on repairing and restoring certain friendships and I've actually grown roots and settled into a serious relationship. I had the best 4th of July ever, it consisted of going to a potluck (where a really fun group of people played some really fun games), watching fireworks, and then going to a nice restaurant for a midnight snack.  

But perhaps the thing I'm enjoying the most at this current moment is growing into myself. I'm almost convinced that by my birthday I'll feel like my real age, instead of four years younger lol.

And a large part of growing into myself is filling out my clothes as a writer. Getting back into the groove of writing. Poetry. I'm back at it. And a lot of good is going to come from that. So I'm really happy.

I enjoy taking pictures but my lack of access to a properly functioning camera  damped my desire to snap photos. However, one morning I woke up around 4 and in a spur of the moment kind of thing I drove downtown by myself and walked around and took photos for about an hour. In short, I did wanted I wanted to and enjoyed despite whatever limitations. People should do that more. I should do that more. Make the situation work for you...even if the only work it can do is grow you up some by teaching you a lesson (most often how to move on with life when you can't have it all your way).

As an adult finances is definitely the area that can cause you to stress out and although I want to be responsible with my money I refuse to let the amount of money I have dictate what I can and cannot do.

There are little things we can do in our every day to make ourselves a little happier. And a great place to start is to count your blessings.

So count your blessings pilgrims. Think about what makes you happy or what's keeping you from being happy and then take action. And Smile today.

I'm rooting for you and sending you best wishes of love and light.