Brain Food

Here's some food for thought...ultimately each of us only have to answer to one person and that is God. That means any obligation to people and their opinions is null and void. You are obligated to yourself and you must take responsibility for your decisions (good and bad). Please don't take my words out of context. Although, it is true that we are not obligated to anyone but ourselves, it is equally true that our decisions are far reaching and they affect those around us. I use obligation in the sense that we are forced to oblige others. No one can ever force us to do anything. Although, it is possible to be heavily influenced and be persuaded to make any one particular decision.

I believe there are neutral areas. For those shades of grey, life is a trial and error. What may work for others may not be for you, and unfortunately you may not find that out until after you've made certain decisions. Even when you make mistakes it doesn't make your journey any less meaningful. At the very least, one thing we can take away from our mistakes is what Not to do. Don't underestimate God by underestimating yourself. <- That's a lesson I'm still learning. Your story is as important as the next man's, no matter how different. But enough of my rambling on that subject.

Time for a short story about - A woman named Francis.

Francis is a lady in her 80's. Francis has dementia. And yesterday when I got off work I walked outside into a situation involving Francis.

Francis found herself locked inside the car of her caretaker. The man had stepped out of the car and left the car running for a moment and when he returned he realized that Francis had pressed the button that locked the car door. At this point Francis had started to panic. I along with a few others tried to help by attempting to keep her calm and trying to direct her to press the button that would unlock the door. It didn't help much. In her attempt to find a way to open the door Francis turned the car off. This was a problem because it was probably 90 something degrees and now she was starting to over heat this made the situation even more urgent.


I watched Francis cry and bang on the window and as much as I was helping to keep her calm I saw the fear and helplessness she felt on her face. The fire department arrived finally and opened the door. We were all relieved. Francis smiled and when she took the cup of water we had waiting on her she said "Cheers!" It was a happy ending. Francis made me remember how much of a blessing it is to have all my mental faculties in tact. Something as simple as pressing the lock to open the door was a task that she could not perform in that moment. Still, I don't dread growing old. That's a blessing in itself. I will probably remember Francis for as long as my memory works...

Last night. I went out with some of the girl's last night and I had a blast.


Tonight. I'll be writing. I'm finally going to get started on one of the many book ideas I have. It's been a pretty grand Friday so far and this will be the icing on the cake. I'm all fueled up on what will serve as my brain food for the evening - sushi and 16 0z. can of sugar-free Red bull. Courtesy of someone who knows me.  I don't need silence to write. I'm not in any particular music mood so for now I just have the television on to add some sound to my background. It's a Cold Case marathon. I don't do too much TV but I do like watching Cold Case! I may mute it later and turn on some music. I hope your Friday is as pleasant as mine!

It's the weekend!! Yea Yeaie!! lol

Love and Light Pilgrims.

Happy Trails!