Words that Start with "Hu"

In the event that you're ever locked into an intense game of Scrabble...or "Words with Friends" (for those of you with real smartphones...not old dumb smartphones like me)...oops I digress... Like I was saying if you're ever playing one of those games and you find yourself with an "h" and a "u" here are a few words you can create...okay, so this really isn't for your game playing benefit its just that "hu" words happen to be the common thread in this post lol Love me anyway

Humidity. So last night I washed my hair last night. I had it braided in two and took them out this morning for the crinkly/wavy look. However, it's 94 degrees here in Atlanta and it feels like 98 and the humidity here is at 40%, whatever that means. Point is, it's hot as the dickens outside! My goodness...and alll the mousse and setting lotion in the world couldn't keep me from putting my hair up. So much for that look.


Hummus. That was what I brought for lunch. I really like hummus...I usually eat either Sabra's jalapeno hummus or Sabra's red pepper hummus. Today was read pepper.

Humor. Laughter is good for the soul. I'm such a goofball. I don't know how obvious that may be to some people but I'm clumsy, I have random outbursts (usually in song)...and the list goes on. And I love to laugh. Last week I went to this restaurant, Twelve06, it's an upscale soul food joint. Good food. It was an open mic night and I laughed so much I became lightheaded. Granted I was probably also extremely tired but it was a great time. So great I'm going back again tonight. And this time I'll have company. My big little brother is in town!! Fun! Fun!! I might even be taking the stage since I was such a troublemaker last week and apparently I gave my word...that's one of the dangers of having a terrible memory except smh

Huff. As in huff and puff...temper tantrums. My kids have been having temper tantrums and it's no fun being the serious disciplinarian all the time. Boring! But I have my own temper tantrums here and there...I had a mini one on my lunch break to be honest. I was told there was nothing wrong with clocking in two minutes early and that upset me in the moment...so I said "Fine..." and stormed back inside...to clock in...two minutes early. I tend to have tantrums when I can't get my way, especially in a time when I believe that I deserve to get my way. How flawed is that? No need to tell me. I know. I'm sure I'll get better...one day...lol. "I ain't got the time, and if my daddy thinks I'm fine..." (You know the rest...maybe...lol). And just for the record it's not okay with my daddy. But anyway.

Hugs. I tried to hug a friend of mine at Bible study last night that I hadn't seen in a little while, and she told me she doesn't do hugs. I told her that was how I wanted to show her the love of God and she told me the Bible says nothing about having to hug or having to accept hugs. She was so serious and I thought that was pretty funny. But *shrugs* my humor ain't for everybody. I tend to laugh at truth, not in a disrespectful way...well, it's a long story...so let's just leave that there for another time...

Human. One thing that was said at Bible study that I'm reflecting on is this, as Christians when we choose (choose because we're no longer slaves) to sin, we make the gospel look illegitimate. We are basically saying even though I have JESUS at best I can still only be human, which can't be true if God is calling us to be like Christ. Something to think about. I know I'm mulling that over in my mind again and again.

Humble. I recently realized that I need to pray for God to humble me, to give me true humility. That comes from being in God's presence and getting in His face (up close and personal). I've mistaken insecurity for humility for far too long. True humility doesn't mean you have to only play the background or that you should downplay it's acknowledging that all your ability is God given.

Hurry. I need to do better with being early. Whenever I hurry something suffers. If have to hurry to get to work usually it's lunch that gets left behind. We should plan our time wisely enough to be able to thoroughly take in the moment. There's a lesson to be learned or something to be enjoyed in every moment. So stop hurrying and slow down. Take in the sights and sounds of a wonderful life that will pass you by if you don't recognize it.

Hush. I have family in town and I'm enjoying having them around. I can be moody but because they're my family (Mom, Dad, baby sister, brother, grandmother) they know that! That's a plus! Anyhoo yesterday my 9 yr old sister had a crying fit...now dealing with children all day who throw tantrums and cry over nothing I was really bothered that this girl was crying! I wanted to yell hush! It made me wonder how well I'll do when I have a crying child that belongs to me. Oh Lord I Pray...from now...and you should too lol.

Hustle. So I have a couple side hustles that I'm working on. I'm looking forward to the day the side hustle gets to take priority and this shadow of career takes the backseat to what I really want to do with my life. That plan and vision is constantly changing and mostly because I'm discovering new pieces to the puzzle of my life every day.  And although I don't want to hurry, I always want to be a hustler (one who hustles and by hustle I mean one who moves energetically and rapidly)...

So there you go! Now you can go win a couple word games thanks to my helpful list of "hu" words lol

You're welcome!!

Journey on Pilgrims

Much love and light to you and your crew