30 Minute Countdown

So I'm at work... And the kidies are napping. I plan on waking them up in 30 minutes which means that I only have 30 minutes to type this post.

I haven't written a post ALL month...had  waited another 10 days it would be a month exactly. SMH. I gotta do better.

So where should I start?

I have a couple ideas but I'm afraid if I start at those places I won't make this 30 minute cut off time.

Ah, heck. Ju gotta start somewhere. When was the last time someone told you that GOD is real? Or better yet, when was the last time You told someone that GOD is real? GOD is real yo!! And we should talk to people who don't know Him like we do and describe Him in such a way that HE becomes tangible to them though invisible.

Well excuse me and let me testify. GOD has been working in miraculous ways. Of all the great things HE's doing I can say that I'm most thankful for the access I have to Him. The gift of prayer. GOD has been responding to my prayers. He's been talking to me and affirming me and shaping me through His word and sometimes it's not easy for me to digest but He's such a patien, loving and caring Father. The greatest.

I am working on being in constant communication with my Heavenly Father and becoming more sensitive to His leading. It's certainly not always easy. And even when I'm not sure of what He's saying I know He hears me by the things that HE orchestrates. For example, at work, especially this month, something might be said to me indicating a particular change that I would see as an injustice to me. However, instead of complaining to others or trying to make my own demands in an effor to you know, "stand up for myself" I would simply ell my ABBA and leave it in His care. No matter how final the decision seemed the next time it was brought up, it was reversed, and the reversal worked in my favor. That happened to day a matter of fact! It's so amazing.

As if that isn't enough, this past weekend I found myself caught in the midst of miscommunication. Frustrated and hurt I took it again to my ABBA and got it all out of my system. In doing so I used the word patient A Lot! When I was finally able to clear the air with the person it was obvious that God had been in communication with them as well because the word that they kept bringing up was well...you guessed it...Patient! And neither one of us claims to be psychic or is spooky spiritual, no, we just simply talk to GOD and He talks back.

GOD is real. He's alive and well. And He still speaks. Sometimes HE speaks through a still small voice, sometimes He uses other people to get the message across but most of all HE speaks through HIS word. I have access to the Creator of ALL things. There's something overwhelmingly humbling about that. HE is self-sufficient, lacking nothing in Himself and yet in His imensity HE desires a relationship with people, with me. He wants to speak with me a human being so limited in my existence. That kind of love is unfathomable. But I'm not in the business of trying to figure it out! Uh uh. I'm just doing my best to embrace it and to respond to it by loving Him in return. HE's good!

So if you didn't know, now you know baby BABY! LOL

Journey on. Journey strong.

Grace and Peace to you pilgrims.