I am the Cave of Giants

*A short*

I am the cave that houses the giants.

There was not one that could match the stone of my intellect when directed by the slingshot of my will.


The soul in me like a David. The soul in me like a David.

Concussions. Comas. Sleeping. Giants.

You came along and so softly tried to stir the slumber of that giant Love. I felt him coming to. Wanting to be awakened to a reality where he could strive and stretch and bloom in the rays of your love. But one giant stood watch. He was alert. The only one I had allowed to stay awake. He was a guardian. A fortress. My protection.

The giant of Cynicism.

For every word you spoke that made that old giant Love twitch and stir – Cynicism was quick to combat it with a lullaby promising sweet slumber and safety. Hushing Love back to sleep…

You want me to love you. You want me to love you.

You want me to love you because you are more than willing to love me. And love me you do. And love me its good.

But Cynicism just can’t believe that. Doesn’t accept that. Refuses to be fooled by that and so Cynicism is fueled by that. And refuses to back down. And if I am to love you the way you and I both know that I can, then I must kill the monster of my own making, I must be the death of my own creation. And Cynicism all too quickly took on a mind of his own...

The soul in me gave it life. The soul in me was Dr. Frankenstein.

When my soul seeks to wake up Love, Cynicism reminds me what it is to be alone. What it’s like to be left on my own with no choice in the matter and asks me soul if I really want to chance that again.


I want to love you. I want to love you.

And so I would chance that again. But there is a rage in Cynicism a blind rage that heightens his other senses. He hears the stones of emotion and intellect cutting a path through the air. He hears the wind up of my will and artfully dodges my attempts to knock him out, to knock him down.

Love is a much larger giant. My soul maybe can't take Cynicism down alone but if I can distract him just long enough to have Love wake up and get his strength up, Cynicism would be defeated in no time.

So don't give up on me.

Love me like you want to. Love me like you want to.

And Love will rise to meet you. And Love will rise to meet you.

With Love awake, up, and on guard. With Love by my side I will take aim at this giant Cynicism and I will silence him with the stone of my pathos intellect.

The soul in me like a David. The soul in me like a David.