These Days

I thank GOD He's a God so patient with me even in my struggles.

Confessing sin

Is a blessing.

And these days...

I envy those who smile from their soul.

People whose gladness can be felt down to their hearts!

Photo by: Felix Plakolb

Photo by: Felix Plakolb

Gladness evades me.

My smiles are fleeting.

Good thing the joy of the Lord gives me the strength I need to make it through the tough times and the hope I need to face another day

The hope I need to continue to see this process all the way through to the end.

My funny bone is brittle.

Stretching hurts! I want to belly laugh again -

Belly laugh again to the point where I wake up the next morning and my soul is still grinning.

The last time I laughed like that...

Laughed without feeling insecure or self conscious or thinking about the next thing-

Was a year ago.

Golden smiles and belly laughs will happen again. I just need to be patient.

God said He would give me gladness in exchange for my sorrow. I'm looking forward to that.

And I pray I won't soon forget these lessons and take the gladness He gives for granted.

Smile on Pilgrims!!