Lost Girls


**This poem is entitled Lost Girls (or To a Beautiful Girl in Need of a Friend). I'm saddened by the way so many women have used social media to exploit their own bodies**

My opinions are my own

And they stem from sincere bewilderment.

My words come not to harm you but to build you up

And to fortify your shaky foundation.

You say you are creative

But are in the habit of using the same colorless curse words as the world around you.

Why must you fit into it so well?

You call yourself a citizen of culture and a lover of the Arts

But desecrate the masterpiece of your own body

By putting it on display for those who have not been taught to value it.

You are not promoting your brain or your business

When all you do is flash your tits and thighs.

You are more.

When will you be enough?

Or do you wish so much to be complimented and validated by an audience

Whose intrigue in you is only skin deep?

Physical beauty is quickly fading

And soon we all end up a pile of dust.

If you were as concerned with doing good

And if you were as concerned with your legacy

As you spout you are

You would work hard to indelibly inscribe those


Things that make you uniquely you

Onto the winds of time

So that when you are dust

Those who have known of you

Would feel you



The wind blows.

© 2013 CM Taylor