16 on 12/14

I have utterly sucked at posting blogs this year 2013. I'm sorry if the word suck offends you but I use it. Often! This is only my 16th post of the entire year and it comes on the 14th day of the last month in 2013, hence the title of this post. Unoriginal right??? I know!

Here's the thing though, I am currently suffering from writer's constipation. I have to go! I have to go! I have to write! I have to write! I'm so full, I have so much in me, I just can't get it out and it hurts like, like, a constipated person sitting on the toilet squeezing for dear life but is afraid they're going to pass out before they can get it out of them. Gross visual. I know. LOL. I apologize, sorta kinda. If you're reading this then you should know and receive fair warning that I have a very strange sense of humor.

So yeah...I haven't allowed myself to really settle down and write in a few months and its taking its toll on me now. Hence, the writer's constipation. I have been exploring keeping a personal video log and I think I have three videos so far and I may work to combine that with this blog...at some point. Just not sure I actually want to add a voice (my voice at that) to my writings especially the ones like these. I think the way you imagine I sound in your head may actually be better lol especially as far as us connecting. What do you think?

Anyhoo this was just the practice run...

I had to force myself to get into the habit again. This is a start. Now I will attempt to over compensate for all the time I've missed, lol.

Good thing its Saturday, I'm well rested, and I have the time.

Besos, besos, besos.

Hasta luego,