I don't usually do this...

I don't usually put out drafts of a piece I'm working on...but what the hay? 

Believe it or not, I wrote the first two stanzas in five minutes and the third a day later in about 3 minutes. Inspiration is always tapping me on my shoulder but by the time I look up, it's gone. 

Photo by: Joshua Jackson

Photo by: Joshua Jackson

How many millions of times have we said to each other, Have we said to ourselves - "I'm done."

And we screamed, scratched, clawed at the night

With either my fiery tears or your icy indifference

And with chasms wide

Passed by each other like strangers

And resented each other

How many million times more did we collide and connect

Like magnets pulled a part

And then set free to find each other

With an explosive


Marbles hitting tile floors

Shattering the stillness around us

How together or not

Apart or together

Between the two of us, as it concerned us

It seemed we were fulfilling scripture

Serving and sacrificing

Unconditional love clung to our words

Whether we mumbled or shouted them

Try as we may to cloak our lives in our own pride.


***Work in Progress © Cara-Marie 2013***