Once Upon A Thanksgiving...

Christmas time is here.  This year Christmas will be very different, its the first time Ever in life that I will be away from my family (mom, dad, etc.). I have very mixed feelings about that. In South Florida there will be presents under a large tree, Christmas lights are up outside (I'm sure), eggnog, apple cider and Christmas music for days! While I'm here struggling to find the desire to finish putting on the few decorations I have on my mini 4 ft. tree that I only put up earlier this week...

Still despite the meager decorations and lack of "Christmas spirit" in my own home I'm experiencing a new level of gratitude. I've really had the opportunity to embrace the hope and love that the celebration of the birth of Jesus brings! One of my favorite carols "Oh Holy Night" was playing on a day that up until that point was only going so so and the words knocked the hope Christ brings right into me..."A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices, for yonder breaks a new and glorious morn..." Even though weary at times we can rejoice because of the hope and the glorious light Christ ushers in! It was beautiful.

I could go on about Christmas but here's a story from my life that happened to occur on another "major " holiday.


Once upon a Thanksgiving, 

Approximately three weeks ago, I arrived in South Florida and I was not alone. My boyfriend (at the time) Danny made the trip down with me (in fact he drove the entire way).

I have to stop here and insert the fact that this is not the first time Danny has been to my parent's house for Thanksgiving. This was something like his fourth time. Although it had been about 4 years since the last time he was there. 

Anyhoo...we arrive in Sunny South Florida where I set to work in the kitchen helping my mother finnish up the dinner preparations and my father announces that he and Danny are off to take a stroll. Apparently during this time Danny being the renaissance man that he is and in the fashion of a true classical gentleman asks my father for my hand in marriage and would you believe it my father says he has his blessing! Of course this is all unbeknownst to me.

Fast Forward.

It's dinner time, and the table is full; full with both people and food. Those present: My father, my mother, my maternal grandmother, my little sister, my brother, one of my younger cousins, Danny's mother, one of Danny's older sisters, Danny and myself.

We had a great time!  We ate! We told stories! We laughed! It was perfect.

My family has a tradition that at the end of every Thanksgiving meal we go around the table and say what we are thankful for so hearing that is nothing out of the ordinary. What IS out of the ordinary is that when my mother, father, grandmother and Danny's sister and mom have their turns they are ALL bringing it back to Danny and I whether it's to say we have their blessing (my dad) or that they agree (my grams) or that they are so proud (Danny's sister), its all coming back to Danny and I being together.

If you know me any at all, you should know that at this point I am absolutely CLUELESS! LOL

Before my grandmother shares, everything is put on hold because my little sister Candace goes to use the bathroom and Danny excuses himself to use the bathroom upstairs too. Both return in a timely manner. And the sharing continues. After my grandma, its Danny's sister, and after her its Danny's mother. When his mom ends, Danny asks if anyone has anything left to say everyone either answers no or shakes their head no. Then, he says he has something else he would like to say and that it is to me. He turns to look at me and moves my chair to face me...

And the rest is history! 


Okay, no, seriously he says a lot of amazing things and I truly cannot remember all of it right now but it IS all on video, somewhere (lol). And of course I was ultra emotional, hands over my face, oh my gosh-ing, hyperventilating, and I nearly passed out (but I was sitting down) when he got down on his knee and whipped out a box - (juno it's not real until you see the box LOL)!

And he said "Will you be my wife?"


And I said..."I think, maybe YES!"

It meant so much to me to be able to share that moment with our families. I'm the oldest child and he's the youngest and the only boy.

The ring is gorgeous and full of (diamonds, lol, no, well, yes it is but that's not my point, (Oh, I watched Blood Diamond for the first time right after I got this ring, traumatic, my ring isn't made of blood diamonds though) my point is the ring is full of) sentimental value. This is the same ring Danny's father used to propose to his mother. When Danny was very young his father passed away.


I've known Danny since I was thirteen years old. Our story is a long one filled with the stuff best friendships are made of. We didn't like each other, we finally talked, we'd talk for hours, we made time for each other, we saw each other as often as possible even when he moved to a different state. We got mad at each other, we distanced ourselves, we didn't speak, we were there for each other when we needed each other most. We gave each other space. We saw other people. We reconnected. We ran away (maybe that was only me). We reconnected. Separated. We reconnected. "I need time." (-Me) We reconnected. "I love you." (-His actions). "This isn't working." (-Me). We reconnected. "I love you. I love you. I love you." (-His actions & His words). Ugh, I love him too!! So much!


We always had a special connection, it's uncanny really. I can only credit God for designing our separate paths in such a way that when we intersected all those years ago, we just couldn't get out of the other's way, even when we tried, even when we mutually agreed to do so, even when...well, you get the point!

He knows me better than anyone else in the world and I WISH I was exaggerating here, but I'm not! That Emily Bronté quote that says "...he's more myself than I am," is an accurate description of my relationship with him, sometimes, unnervingly so. He has seen me at my best and known me at my worst. He remembers who I am at my core, even when I forget and he can point out when I have morphed for the worst. He is well acquainted with my warm, bubbly ways and when I try to be cold and indifferent he is quick to call me out on it.

Confession: I am not one of those girls who has completely planned out her wedding or spent a great deal of time imagining what it will be like. No. I still have no idea! Maybe it's my old tomboy ways but...that just wasn't my thing. I did not envision my ideal proposal either, but this was perfect for me! One thing I did always have in the back of my mind, that went out the window, is who I would tell first aside from my immediate family and the reactions/responses I would get. Though it didn't go as I had imagined, again, it was perfect. The first person I told was my aunt in Birmingham, England (my father's oldest sister). Her and I have always been very close despite the distance. Her response was "Ooh, I'm happy for you! Congrats! Who's the lucky devil?" She's something else!

There's a lot more to share but I'l bring this post to an end. I need to tend to these hours at work so I can get my Friday on! LOL

Thanksgiving may be over but we're all pilgrims on this journey called life! 

Journey on! Besos!!