Blinders vs. Blinding: The Art of Training the Eye

Who's ready for confession time???

Ah, Cara's transparency - the gift and the curse. 

Okay, so in my human nature, "flesh", I tend to be an extremist. I either shun things or over indulge. Whatever happened to self-control??? 

Also in recent times I'm finding that as God moves me from "faith to faith" I'm really being challenged in this next level. It has become increasingly difficult to keep my emotions in check and not let them get the best of me. I've been getting tripped up by what I'm seeing rather than focusing on what I know. Which leads to a whole other level of frustration because I'm constantly telling myself, "Car, you know better." And myself responds, "I know, I just don't know why it's so difficult for that knowledge to translate." 

As I mentioned in my last post, my father often serves as a mouthpiece for God in this natural realm. The other day during a conversation he told me, of course Faith is easy when things are going in your favor - difficult when it's not. 

Then in my reading I came across Romans 8:24-25 "But hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who hopes for what they already have? But if we hope for what we do not yet have we wait for it patiently."

God has been challenging me to grow and believe Him by stretching me and taking me out of my last level of faith's comfort zone. Honestly, the transition has been rough! 

Here's another confession - this one is pretty ugly so brace yourself -

Sometimes I get tripped up on what I perceive is a lack of progress in my life.

It's such an issue that it becomes blinding which really puts a halt on things! In this phase I can usually see the good and I even point out the good in others lives but then discount what GOD is doing in my own life.


And as the extremist that I can be at times, when I realize I'm in this blinding place I tend to go to the other extreme and I put on blinders. But that's no good either. When I'm in a blinders phase I become so focused on myself and my own path that I fail to see those around me in need of my attention, my encouragement, my service in general.

So what's a pilgrim to do???

"I throw my hands in the air and said show me something!" 

Yes, I just quoted a Rihanna lyric. Sue me. 

On a more serious note there comes a time when you get to the end of your own self and you're like "Well God, obviously what I'm doing isn't working being blinded paralyzes me and wearing blinders steals the compassionate out of me, so what is it that you want me to do?"

The Answer: Ask for His eyes.

If we are to be effective any at all on our life's journey then we need the heart and eyes of God. We're not smart enough to do it ourselves. God created us and also mapped out our lives long before time existed. Naturally as the manufacturer He can tell us how we should function correctly. He knows the way so He can tell us when to stop, when to go, when to pause to help another along the way. Not only that but he can strengthen us when we feel like we can't go the next mile of our journey. 

We have access to such grace at all times but sometimes we don't always tap in. 

My challenge to myself this week, minute by minute, is to stay where God has me and allow Him to challenge me. I'm going to believe what He says regardless of how the situation looks or how I feel. I'm going to make a conscious effort to be more aware of those around me who need more of my time and not simply default to blinders mode. 

We were created in the image of God for a reason, to be His reflection of true wisdom and love in the earth. That's a challenge if ever I heard one!

Join me fellow pilgrims? :-)

Much Love and Light as you journey on your path today!

- CN

P.S. Tomorrow I will start a new weekly series entitled Wedding Wednesday to give an inside look into my wedding planning. What can I say but it's the writer in me ;-)

Loving you...