Wedding Wednesdays: Location. Location. Location.

Last Week's Wedding Wednesday Poll Results

The Most Asked Question of Engaged Couples?92.86% answered "Have you set the date?" and based on the amount of times I've been asked that question, I would have to agree! 7.14% answered "Do you feel different?" and nobody selected "Are you happy?" I guess that is kind of a jerk question.

If Cara Naan Became a Bridezilla she would be?58.33% of you chose Indecisive Bridezilla! Hahahaha I do have a hard time making a decision on an empty stomach and I may or may not have changed wedding colors a couple times and my mother would certainly agree with you too! 25% chose the Crying Bridezilla and I would agree with them! If I couldn't run away from the issue crying I would probably try crying next. LOL. And apparently 8.33% of you think I have the Exploding Bridezilla in me. And another 8.33% think that I have the potential to be a SlaveDriver Bridezilla lol smh. Even if I had those last two in me my bridal party wouldn't stand for it. Especially not the groom! Yikes!! lol Loved the feedback though!!


Who are the five best rappers of all time?

Think about it...

Dylan. Dylan. Dylan. Dylan. Dylan.

Because, he "spits hot fire."

Hahahaha!Chapelle show and Making the Band anyone?

That reminded me of the old Real Estate question:

In establishing the value of a house, what are the three most important factors?

Location. Location. Location.


In planning a wedding, what are the three most important factors?

You thought I was going to say 'Location. Location. Location,' again? Uh, no. LOL.

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Regardless of whatever you think the other important factors are location is one of them. Before a wedding date can be officially set in stone you have to secure a venue for that date. Or else you'll end up with a wedding date but nowhere to have the actual wedding.

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What I'm finding, what I've found, is that when it comes to securing a venue your options are endless...until they're not. There will always be limiting factors, but rather than work against you, these limiting factors can actually narrow down your choices and make deciding on a location a little easier.

Venue Infographic
Venue Infographic

Some examples of limiting factors -

Your budget. Should you really be looking at venues that break your bank? Or should you not even put your heart through that?

The number of and the mobility of your guests. Is the venue large enough to hold your anticipated number of guests? If not, are you willing to you put the axe to your guest list again to make sure you aren't over the max capacity? Do you have elderly guests, if you do will they be able to manuever around the venue comfortably?

Your date. How committed to your date are you? What happens when you find what you think is your ideal venue only to realize that they are completely booked until the following year? Do you push your date back or do you cross that place off of your list and move on?

Deal breakers. What happens when you come across multiple locations that could be your ideal except for one thing that you ruled a deal breaker? Do you work around that "thing" that was initially a deal breaker? Or do you cross those choices off the list.

There is a fine line between compromising and settling. 

Know the difference. Thankfully, in this situation you should not have to make these decisions on your own. Your *pending other half, whether hands on in all the planning or not, can contribute to the decision making surrounding the venue and thus keep the planning on track.

Venue Infographic
Venue Infographic

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One final point to consider as we talk about location -

When people ask the question, "Where are you?" Its usually in reference to our current location. And normally we think about location in terms of ourselves. We usually measure distances to another place based on our current physical location. But what about our mental, emotional, and spiritual location?

"Shorty where ya head at?"

Amidst all the effort and endeavors that go into finding a perfect location to host your wedding ceremony and reception, where are you? Can you pinpoint your spiritual, emotional, and mental location? You know you are pinpointing your location exactly when you can articulate where you are to someone else and they are able to meet you there.The same is true for your mental, emotional, and spiritual states. You know, you can pinpoint where you are spiritually, mentally, and emotionally when you're able to articulate it to others.

So where am I?

Mentally? I'm stable. Soberly making preparation not just for the one-day, one time only event known as "the wedding" but soberly making preparation to become a life long wife. The kind of wife who knows her role based on God's definition, who never does her husband any ill, and who one day will raise children who grow up to call her blessed.

Emotionally? I'm treading water. I'm not exactly swimming above the tide of my emotions but I'm not drowning in them either. My mental preparation forces me to confront and answer questions that sometimes elicit an emotional response.  Sometimes that emotional response is fear and often times it's brought on by "What If" scenarios.

Spiritually? I'm off center. Is it due to lack of prayer, or Bible reading, or church attendance? No. If anything, it's a lack of application. I know I'm off spiritually because it's evident in my emotional state. When I'm on target ("bullseye") my Faith is up and fierce and I'm at peace resting in the fact that God has everything in His control. When I'm off, those "What If" scenarios typically interfere and I want to jump in with as many preventative measures as possible rather than trust God.

But now that I know where I am it's easy to know where I want to go. I can check myself, and you can check me too, to ensure that I get back on target and apply my faith with my heart and not just know it in my head. Then God and I, mostly Him can attack and uproot those fears that cause those emotional waves, leaving the mental state to only continue to improve.

Location. It's good to have an idea but even better to really know.

Locate yourself. 

Journey strong fellow pilgrims. And as always much love to you!