Wedding Wednesdays: Nightmares. &. Trends.


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Nightmares. &. Trends.


It's official. The wedding planning process has officially managed to permeate my subconscious. To be honest, instead of becoming overwhelmed and stressed I've kind of pushed the planning process to the side. (Dear Procrastination, I see you have no plans to release me from your clutches). Between work, projects, and just looking at what needs to be accomplished in the wedding planning all I want to do is sleep! And even that can be hard to come by.

Two nights ago I had my first wedding nightmare since the start of this wedding planning process.

In the dream I had about one third of the guest list arrive at my apartment prematurely as we were still months away from the wedding. It was not my current apartment, it was larger (and yet felt smaller at the same time) and while I was expecting a few people for the weekend the arrival of these unexpected guests caused me to holed up in my room. I was hungry and wanted to cook but did not want to cook for everyone. Apparently I had four couches and instead of making plans to stay at a nearby hotel there was talk of everyone staying at my apartment. With my one bathroom??? Um, no! No one would ever sleep because they would be waiting for their turn to get to the bathroom. Anyhoo…as if that wasn't enough, I was supposed to meet with Danny at the ceremony location. Somehow word got to everyone in my apartment and what was supposed to be a brief meeting at the location turned into an impromptu rehearsal, with all one third of the guests present!! The location looked different in my dream too. I didn't like the changes and was trying to make it work with all my guests eavesdropping on my conversation with my contact. I asked to talk to her in private and she led me to the back and their were children running all over the place some of them even naked. And one little girl came and started playing in my hair. It was madness. I went back out and thanked everyone for coming but told them they were now excused. Right as I was about to have a conniption I woke up!


I felt crazy. I was So confused! I had to woo-sah, gathering my bearings and recognize that it had only been a dream. I wonder how many more nightmares I may have in the coming months.

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In other news...

I would not consider myself a trendy bride in the least. Our wedding is based on what Danny and I have decided we want, together, not what's hot by outside sources. Still, I am aware of the current trends thanks to newsletters that end up in my inbox and serve as a good distraction when I can't sleep to escape.

Here are 7 of the Top Wedding Trends of the year:

Color Scheme. Wedding Colors. A POP of color - It's Spring time! And trend experts say that Bright colors are in season all year long! This year traditional color palettes (i.e. soft pink in the Spring/Summer and neutral colors in the Fall/Winter) are also including at least one bold color choice like Tangerine and Indigo Blue.

Stationery. The Invitation. Big Announcements Can Come in Small Packages- The standard wedding invitation measures 5x7 but this year couples are opting for smaller sizes.


Guests. Guest Instructions. Un-plugged vs. On-Line - According to this is a year of extremes as far as instructions to guests about use of technology at weddings. Some couples are requesting that guests unplug and respect the moment by NOT taking photos and posting to social media. On the other hand other couples are facilitating social media and online interaction by creating #hashtags specific to their wedding.

Bridal Fashion. The Dress. Jeweled Necklines - Whether the dress is simple and sheath, or flared and fabulous jewel necklines are crowd pleasers that designers capitalized on for the 2014 Wedding season.


Pictured here: Top Left Pnina Tornai Gown 2014 Collection. Bottom Left Haley Paige Gown 2014 Collection. Johanna Johnson Gown 2014 Collection.

Cocktail Hour. H'ordeurves. Raw Bar- As society seems to become more health conscious and move toward organic food more couples are opting for raw fruits and veggies as appetizers during cocktail hour.

The Reception. Centerpieces. Light a Candle for Love - Romance and mood lighting is in! Candle centerpieces are popular this year.

The Reception. The Cake. What's Your Flavor- It seems that this year couples are not simply choosing traditional flavors just because it may be their favorite. People are putting more thought into their cake flavors and ensuring that they compliment the feel of the wedding and even the season (A light Lemon in Spring/Summer vs. A warm Chocolate in Fall/Winter)!

So which trends will I be taking a page from? You tell me! :winks atchu:

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In any trending make sure its part of your path  ;-)

Happy Treading Pilgrims!!