15 Days of Optimism: Positive Self-Talk


It's the weekend!! :-) …and usually I'm not alone. But today I am. Naturally, I knew my thoughts would be more amplified since no one is around and I'm  not doing very much talking out loud.


**Yesterday I started a 15 day challenge I created for myself entitled, 15 Days of Optimism.Its a conscious and direct insurrection against the perfectionistic, worry wart tendencies I created within myself. **

Day one was my anchored and loved post and I chose to share an encouraging word and ruminate on a positive thought that was greater than anything that directly affected my day. What's greater than GOD?

Today's subject is different.

It's been a GREAT day! As soon as I woke up I declared in my mind -

"This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!"

It was my first thought and a conscious thought. Before letting any other thought penetrate my morning. I honestly believe it set the tone for the rest of my day. It was different from prayer because I wasn't talking to GOD per se. I was speaking to myself, intentionally.

As I made an airport run first thing this morning, I was fully aware of my responsibilities, all of which I have taken on willingly. Rather than allow myself to feel any anxiety about things to come, I reminded myself that whatever responsibilities, challenges, opportunities, disappointments, and triumphs, come my way, they are part of my unwinding path. It's a path meant for me specifically and a path where all things are working for my good. GOD designed it that way. These are literally the thoughts I repeated to myself on my way to and from the airport -

"I was made for this."

"GOD created me for this." 

"I'm okay." 

It has done wonders for my day!

For a long time I have struggled with capturing my thoughts. Some days would be great other days I wouldn't want the extra mental effort and I would let my thoughts lead me any which way and stir up unreliable feelings. In Day 2 of 15 Days of Optimism I explored thought replacement and practiced positive self talk.

Here are some examples of thought replacement given by Mayo:

Screenshot 2014-05-17 14.33.36
Screenshot 2014-05-17 14.33.36

To be honest, thought monitoring takes a lot of mental effort but it can only become perfected second nature through conscious practice. When I take the time to put in the effort I find the results are immeasurable.

**I'm making up these daily challenges as I go along. The goal here isn't perfection or completing a formula, the goal is to let the positivity explicitly seen in my words and interactions with others remain in my consciousness continually. **

I'm enjoying a Saturday filled with peace and contentment. I wish you the same.

Blessings always,