15 Days of Optimism: Practice Gratefulness

Today I woke up grateful for another day. I lay in bed a little longer counting my blessings and allowing my heart to be completely overwhelmed by gratitude. I thanked God for a new day.

I thanked God for the rainy day.

I thanked God for the ability to think and thank God.

And other things.


I continued practicing gratefulness throughout the day. On my way to church I saw lanes filled with traffic on the highway - rather than giving way to irritation or worrying about whether or not I'd be late. I was simply thankful for safe travel. Once I got to the top of the traffic I realized there had been an accident. I prayed that all those persons involved were safe and not hurt and thanked God for keeping me safe as I went about my day.

The quote is right.

Gratitude changes everything - but perhaps most importantly - our perspective.

Let's make gratefulness a habit. 

With a grateful heart,