15 Days of Optimism: The Language of Tears

Last week before choosing to embark on this challenge of 15 Days of Optimism I cried a great deal. I was almost inconsolable - almost...but not quite. At the time the tears were of exhaustion, frustration and confusion, tinged with anger and hurt.

Photo by: Nature Lover

Photo by: Nature Lover

I cried again last night. But last night they were happy tears. Tears that sprung from an overwhelming gratitude I stirred up in remembering GOD's goodness, faithfulness and kindness towards me. Tears from feeling the tangible love of GOD surrounding me. Tears that confirmed that I am HIS and HE is mine. I couldn't remember the last time I shed happy tears before then...

Maybe December when my fiancé surprised me with two copies of my favorite movie ever, which I didn't own up until that point, Lion King! I balled. 😩😭 Lol. That's a good memory for me. 😊

I used to dislike tears. I scorned them, especially my own. I viewed them as a sign of my weakness. Tears were a foreign language to me that I didn't care to learn. I wouldn't venture into the country of feelings and emotions so what did I need to understand tears for? At least that was my thinking. But tears are absolutely wonderful!

If tears are a language then it would be a multi-faceted language. People don't just cry when they're sad, or hurt, or weak. We cry for many reasons. Because we're scared, or because we've worked hard and overcome, because we're excited. Have you ever been so mad it brought tears to your eyes? Or so filled with overwhelming joy that you couldn't help but cry? And what about laughter? Have you ever laughed so long and so hard that you tried to hold your aching sides and wipe away tears at the same time?

I won't pretend to know all their is to know about this language that at one time was very foreign to me, but I do know crying is a powerful act. And being vulnerable enough to shed your self-protection and cry in front of another person, even more so!

Today I reflected on this language of tears and I am extremely grateful for it. The challenge today was to reflect on something I once viewed as negative and see it in a positive light. This is the positive light of Truth.

One of the most comforting thoughts that came to mind as I reflected is a cliché saying I remembered from childhood, "tears are a language GOD understands." Even when we don't understand why we're crying, even if we do know but it's difficult for us to articulate it to others, we can take heart the someone gets us, someone understands us, and if no one else GOD will be that someone.

Here's to Tears!