15 Days of Optimism: Work It Out

Today's challenge revealed itself in the form of trying something new- Yoga. I was having back spasms this morning and decided I needed a good stretch. I remembered something I pinned recently, 5 beginner yoga moves to improve posture and decided to try those instead of the basic stretches I already knew.

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

I tried all five (from the top):

1. Standing Forward Bend

2. Bridge Pose

3. Upward-Facing Dog

4. Cow Face Pose

5. Table Top

I didn't engage in any meditation or play any soothing music I just went through the poses one by one and held them for a couple seconds while breathing. I stretched if you ask me lol.

My favorite by far was number three!

My least favorite was number one, I actually got a cramp in my chest where my stomach and chest meet (where a girl's bra sits). That wasn't fun. But once it went away I was over it and tried the other ones.

I also really liked number five.

My back spasms were gone when I was done. I worked it out.

Here's to another day of peace and positivity!