15 Days of Optimism: Catch. &. Flow.

It's been a most lovely day here in Atlanta. 88 degrees. Sunshine. Sky speckled with clouds giving it enough character for day dreamers like me. :-) Beautiful.

One area I've been doing really well in since this challenge started is keeping my emotions in their proper place, particularly as it relates to driving and road rage.

Today though, on my way to work I caught myself as I was in the middle of calling someone in front of me a "loser" for coming over into my lane suddenly without putting on their indicator. When I realized what I was doing I burst into laughter.

In the past, when I have given myself a challenge and find myself reverting back to an old way, I would beat myself up about it and more than likely withdraw from the challenge altogether. However, today showed me the maturity I have achieved in that area.

Catch and release.

I caught myself, corrected myself, laughed because it was funny and of course I didn't mean it.

And then I moved on, back aboard the optimism train.

Today on my break I sat near the the little waterfall that runs into the nearby lake. I was mesmerized by the soothing sounds the water emitted and the graceful way the ripples moved across the pond, unhindered. For me there are few sounds more soothing than that of running water. I thoroughly enjoy it! (I've included a video below with similar sounds for you to enjoy as well!) 

Today's challenge was to prove that optimism is not unrealistic.

Yes you may have momentary lapses where something negative comes to mind but you are always able to overcome. Today I practiced correcting myself in love, going easy on myself, and laughing at and with myself.

If one can be content with one's self then one will never have to look elsewhere for happiness and positivity.

Moving forward positively unhindered,