15 Days of Optimism: Think Happy

Today has not been without difficulty.

I almost wish it had been an ordinary day, not unlike most others, just simple and uneventful. But alas, it was not meant to be so.

Frustrations surfaced.

Matters of the heart were to be addressed and resolved and their very existence caused an imbalance in the status quo.

But I do not wish this day away. It has been perfectly placed in a time when I have challenged myself to think the best and make the most of every situation.

Despite my feelings my challenge today was to think myself happy. And what a challenge it was, initially. However, with determination I was able to make my feelings rise to the occasion and agree with the sunny mental disposition I willed myself into.


It's really quite simple. Every morning the sun rises. Every. Morning.

We may not always be able to see the sun because it may be an extremely cloudy day. However, we know the sun is there, even if hidden by the clouds, and we know it is shining. Even in the darkest of night, the sun is always shining somewhere. That's what it does. It shines. No matter what.

Happiness is a choice.

It's a choice to keep shining.

It's a choice to look inside yourself for the strength to be happy and at peace even in the midst of upsetting situations.

It's a reminder to one's self that the light is Always there.

It's a decision agreed upon by heart and mind to remain positive and happy, no matter what.

We have the power to think ourselves happy.

Keep shining,