Wedding Wednesdays: Switching Gears


Last Wedding Wednesdays (May 21st, 2013) Poll Result

What Did Cara and Danny choose for their logo?50% of voters chose a Tree. 33.33% of voters chose the Music Note. And 16.67%  of voters chose the Infinity Sign. There were no votes for  Heart, Circle or Birds.

Switching Gears

It's been two weeks since my last Wedding Wednesday post. Two weeks ago on May 28th, Dr. Maya Angelou took her flight away from this world. It was a very solemn day for me and I chose to honor her with my post for that day rather than write about wedding planning.

And last week, I tried to catch up on my rest (it had been an exhausting two weeks at work) do actual wedding planning, alongside the regular daily activities. In the end I knew I wouldn't be able to sit and write the way I wanted to, at least not with enough time to get it posted Wednesday night.

Those of you who voted on that last poll know Danny and I well, are logo is in fact a tree!


So here we are.

There are just about 5 months left until our nuptials...

So things in the wedding planning arena are picking up.




GREAT NEWS: Danny and I completed our premarital class!! We're so ecstatic about having finished and thankful for the resources and tools it put at our disposal. We're definitely better off having taken it and the foundation for our marriage will be all the more solid.

Wedding Planning Updates, Woes, and Confessions


  • Venues have been booked
  • Coordinator has been secured
  • I'm currently working on the floral ideas and should be meeting with the florist soon
  • We met with a caterer and our awaiting a final detailed proposal
  • The Save the dates are complete they just have to be printed and sent out
  • We're working on finalizing our wedding website


  • I officially had my second wedding nightmare on Monday night: I was upset and in a heated conversation about the guest list and who I wanted present. I was told that I would be barred from the church and not allowed to wear my wedding dress because I was losing too much weight and looked like a skeleton. (This dream was real life exaggerated by my subconscious - there's been a lot of talk about the guest list in real life and Danny mentioned that I had been losing weight the day before).
  • Having to sift through all the many "wedding" things sent my way almost daily - my own million thoughts, the opinions, ideas, and deadlines of those who have some say and of course the emails from all those wedding websites that would love for me to be a contributing member of their bride community.
  • Putting an axe to the monster guest list we have. Our families are SO large!


  • I'm excited!! I cannot wait to become Danny's wife. Honestly, the whens, hows, and whos of wedding planning don't matter to me when I consider the fact that I'm going to be his wife - Ahhhhhh! - sooner than later!
  • I'm an anti-bride. According to this definition on
  • bridezilla3
  • If I'm a bridezilla I'm the "lets-make-our-own-tradition," procrastinating, indecisive, "Do-we-really-have-to" bridezillawho at least once a month contemplates calling off the "wedding" and opting for something much smaller, and more intimate, and only bothers her fiancé with her craziness because a.) he's the one closest in proximity b.) he's literally always there :sings: 'I'm only one call away', c.) he doesn't judge or dismiss it as silliness, he listens d.) he has made himself a safe place for her, and e.)  he knows his jokes are the medication she needs to chill out. (I'm SOOOOO in love! Ugh) I STILL haven't seen the latest Godzilla movie - juno that's on my to do list, lol.
  • I'm not the type of bride that harasses her wedding party. I actually haven't sent out one official correspondence yet. I need move my self a little closer to the harassing side of the spectrum than stay where I've been for the last 4 months or so.
  • The people pleaser in me has officially left the building. While I may still struggle to be heard on the wedding hot button topics, I see myself refusing to be bullied into making certain decisions.  No one can make me do (or not do) something I've made up in my mind not to do (or do lol).  Our wedding is all about our peace. Where peace is GOD is.
  • I am in complete, total, utter, devastating, undeniable, love with my future husband Daniel V. Findlay, and I've promised myself to work every day for the rest of my life to keep myself feeling that way about him, (even in times when I have to rely more on the memory of the feeling than the feeling itself) regardless of the shortcoming, failures, imperfections, and challenges marriage comes with.

There are no polls this week, just my heart to heart.

Until next week!

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