Wedding Wednesdays: Let the Good Times Roll!


It starts. Excitement is one thing, but actually enjoying the anticipated good times is quite another thing altogether.

It seems, at least from where I'm typing, that those times are here!


Just a day short of exactly 8 months to the day of being engaged - 

Danny and I took our engagement photos! 

For the record, I didn't want a long engagement. However, I was also particular about the time of year we wanted the wedding. This past Spring would have been too soon. And I definitely wasn't planning on waiting til Spring 2015. And Autumn is another favorite time of year…and not just because its the season my birthday falls in. LOL.

Anyhoo on Sunday Danny and I went to a not-so-secret location for our engagement photo shoot. We had one change of casual clothes so one set of the photos are more dressed up than the other.

The photos won't be ready for another few weeks and of course the big reveal will happen here once they finally are ready. 

I'm typically a little uncomfortable in front of the camera but I had a blast!! The photographers we worked with were wonderful!

I'll talk more about them once I get and post the photos.

It was an ultra hot day in Atlanta -


Partly cloudy. 92 degrees. Humidity was thick!

The shoot lasted about two hours.

I didn't have my phone on me most of the time so these few pics I snapped of Danny were from when I got to change into my casual change of clothes. He changed before me so he's already in his casual set here.


Look at those bulging biceps! :Swoons: LOL

Oh wait.

Am I not supposed to swoon over those guns? 

I'm not in this just for his good looks. But I appreciate them! 

Here's me in my casual top - after the fact... 


After the engagement shoot session we went out for lunch.

I really enjoyed going out and being with him because in those moments I get to enjoy being his fiancee. I'm not a bride-to-be who is utterly consumed with planning a wedding. I'm not a future wife consumed with being perfect for her future husband.

In those moments I am simply a happy and content fiancée enjoying the company of her fiancé.

And for that reason alone I appreciate what has ended up being a long engagement.

Too many times as women we obsess over going from girlfriend to wife that we skip out on the joy found in being a fiancée.Its a process and a journey to be enjoyed no matter how long or short the engagement period. 

As I await these pictures coming in, the other fun project I get to work on is centerpieces and Danny and I get to finalize the invitations (and by default the guest list) with our graphic designer.

I'm going to enjoy the rest of this journey to the altar as much as I can over these next few months.

As of this Friday, August 1st, we will have exactly three months left!


Happy Wednesday All!

Much love to you,