Wedding Wednesdays: What Now??

Happy, Wonderful Wednesday Pilgrims!! Guess who's back? Back again?

That's right it's me!!

I'm still the same me I was before...but different (#oxymoron)

I'm still the same me but better 😊 because GOD has officially joined me with my other half!

😩 There's so much to share!!

First let me say I am now a Mrs.! I'm somebody's wife!!

The first 12 days (gosh it's hard to believe it's already been 12 days) have been amazing!

Unfortunately, is NOT the post in which I give you all the fun details of the wedding or our honeymoon trip to Jamaica, but those posts and pictures are coming. Promise!

Instead, this post is in answer to the question: What Now?

Danny wrote the final Wedding Wednesday post before our wedding. We were both humbled by the great feedback we both received as a result. And we're excited to share wedding details, pictures and video with you as soon as we receive them!


For those of you who have asked me about what would happen to Wedding Wednesdays or what I would blog about once Daniel and I got married - I have an answer. It's a nondescript answer, meaning I can't give you all the details right now, but it's an answer all the same. So here's my mini MAJOR announcement: 

Danny and I will be working together on a new project TOGETHER!! And you'll be the first to know, and prayerfully will be the first ones to benefit from it, as we will still continue to use this blog as one of the platforms.

Be on the lookout the next few weeks as we post wedding details and begin to roll out our new project.

Before I go, I will say that the wedding day was all I could have wanted and more! Why? GOD was present! And HE showed up and showed out.

Our trip to Jamaica was a dream I almost wish I didn't have to wake up from. But I was grateful for the time we had there and for the ability to come back to the place we currently call home, together.

Thanks again for the outpour of interest, support and well wishes! I look forward to sharing more with you next week, Lord willing.

May our hearts remain in a position of perpetual gratitude,