Wedding Wednesdays: November Wedding Bells

Happy Wednesday Ladies and Gents!! I don't mean to cause any alarm BUT there are only 5 more Wednesdays before Christmas and only 6 more Wednesdays left in the entire year, if the LORD tarries (delays His coming)!!

Speaking of Wednesdays, and the LORD tarrying, lol…all being well, Danny and I willdebut our new project right here on Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014! Two, short weeks from now. I'm excited about this multi-faceted project and all that comes with it, so stay tuned.

Next week, we'll have an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek!

In other news, I heard from our wedding videographer and we should be receiving the DVD of the wedding any day now.

I hope I get it in time for the weekend so Danny and I can make a movie night of it.

It will be interesting to watch it, as opposed to living it. Living it was surreal. I look forward to experiencing it as an on-looker rather than a participant.

Of course once we watch it, we'll share some clips here...


Apparently, Danny and I weren't the only ones who thought November is a great month to have a wedding!

Personally, I love Autumn! However, studies show that the changes in weather (colder temperatures, less daylight hours, etc.) cause a lot of people to fall (pun intended) into a state of melancholy which often deepens to depression during the winter months. With that being said, outside of the happiness of the Holiday season, many people think of November as a dreary month.


But from one November bride to the next - I wish these beautiful brides unconditional love, forthright forgiveness, and a lifetime of marriage bliss...

Congratulations to my beautiful cousin who tied the knot with her handsome groom in New York on November 13th!


I love the pop of color in my cousin's bouquet! Her jewelry is sweetly understated and really compliments the romantic headpiece. I also like the lace appliqué on her dress and veil. But by far the best accessory is her handsome husband on her arm!

While I'm no celebrity buff, a huge Congratulations to Solange Knowles who married Alan Ferguson in New Orleans on November 16th. 


I don't know very much about her as a person but at the very least I enjoy her music and can say I like her carefree black girl style.

Can we just talk about this bride's flawless fashion? Loved, loved, LOVED her afro and all six of her wedding weekend outfits (only 5 pictured here). The capes were epic!


So what's the secret to these November weddings? November is the best month to get married of course! (joking…sorta, kinda)

5 Reasons Why November Is the Best Month to Get Married

(Yes, this is totally biased)

  • If you're not particularly fond of November that's a great reason to get married in November! Why? Because it gives you something special to look forward to in one of your least favorite months.
  • November is typically associated with giving thanks (and the Thanksgiving holiday) it's a great time to celebrate with gratitude the love you have in your life. 
  • Family.MostFamilies usually try to get together if no other time of year then at least  for the holidays. Holiday dinners (such as Thanksgiving and Christmas) are usually associated with family gatherings and even reunions. A November wedding is a perfect reason to get extended family to come together in celebration. 
  • Comfortable Temperatures. November is  a beautiful " just right" month  - not too hot. Not too cold. The leaves are changing color and the crisp Autumn air is simply lovely. The  average temperature here in Atlanta is supposed to be a high of 64 degrees and a low of 45 degrees. Although, we've been experiencing below average temperatures this year. It actually snowed in the early morning hours of our wedding day!! 
  • Stand Out While You Save. A November wedding date is more uncommon. Peak wedding season is in the warmer months (April to October). Generally, weddings occur less frequently during the holiday and winter months (November to March). Although, the closer you are to a holiday the more expensive it may be, even in the off-peak season. Sometimes venues and vendors offer discount on their prices during the off-peak months.

November, like life, is what you make it. Make it great!

Thanksgiving is next week! I'm looking forward to my first holiday as a married woman :giggles:

Until next time.