Hey Young Girl, The World Is Yours.

If you're a Hip-Hop head any at all then the title of this post should at least sound familiar to you.

- It's a play on the title of Slick Rick's Hey Young World

It's easy for me to confess that of the two of us, my husband is the conossieur and true student when it comes to Hip-Hop, but I occasionally delight myself with older, classic Hip-Hop tunes. This nowadays rap stuff? Forget about it. I know nothing. lol


Azariah spent the week with us and it's a gross understatement to say that the Findlays three had a phenomenal time together.

Movie nights...and movie mornings.

Midday strolls.

And for me in particular, having a sweet assistant in the kitchen in the mornings and a snuggle buddy at night. 

Watching Azariah sprout is wonderfully amazing...and also slightly panic-inducing. She's brilliant and still growing so quickly. Her 5th birthday is next week. 

I enjoyed the "one on one" we shared together.

We passed our time with work, exploration, chats, healthy snacks, and naps waiting for "daddy" to come home.



Having Azariah here led to me calling and referring to Danny, as daddy, regularly. It's the most I've called him, "daddy" in life, and this time it wasn't awkward for me at all. 

It's important, to Danny and I, that we reinforce Azariah's creativity and "can-do-ability." Danny is has made it clear that in our house "can't" is a curse word that will not be tolerated. 

Watching this little flower prance through the house, sing, create, spell, write, and more, made my heart flutter with unspeakable joy.  I'm humbled by the love she gives so freely. Her innate curiosity makes it easy to eagerly and patiently explain the beauty that can be found in the small pleasures of nature.

Often when people think about giving children the world they think of material gifts founded upon monetary exchanges. However, Danny and I know that it's what we impart to Azariah about herself (her value and her abilities) and her place in the world that will mold her into the woman we know God created her to be. 

We give children the world when we show them the world. When we teach them the difference between right and wrong. When we point out the darkness as well as give them the light. When we show them beauty without camoflauging the ugly.  When we tell them of Jesus and His unfailing love. When we encourage them to stand for absolute Truth in a world that has embraced relativism. 


On her first full day, after watching Lion King with daddy and getting his kisses before work, we went to the pond out front and fed the ducks. She loves animals!!

She was quiet disheartened when the ducks ran away from her and she cried, managing to articulate that the ducks didn't like her. 

I had to explain that the ducks did like her for bringing them food but because she was not a duck, they became afraid and ran away.

I told her petting wild animals is really never a good idea. The brilliant girl she is, Azariah asked if she could be a zookeeper. I told her of course she could be anything she wants to be. Zookeeper was added to her running list of potential careers which also include doctor, lawyer, singer, and scientist. And now, zookeeper. lol. Her daddy won't stand for that, but hey a girl can dream.

And we never want her to stop dreaming.

Yes, the world is filled with terrible things but there is still much beauty to be seen. ("There's more to see than can ever be seen, more to do, than can ever be done." Thanks LION KING!) 

Even in times when beauty is most difficult to grasp - it is our dreams and imaginations that hold the key to some magnificent solution. That is how you find your place in the world. By knowing that you can, and holding onto the beauty of your dreams and imagination. 

Two Saturdays ago, we took her to Piedmont Park for a picnic just because.

...I'll never tire of watching her with her daddy. 


GREAT IDEA: Plan a picnic in the park!

You don't need much. Our simple, picnic menu included:

A Turkey Sub Sandwich

Fruit Cups

Potato Chips

Chocolate Milk and other beverages

For more great picnic menu ideas check out these 4 easy, location-inspired ideas from realsimple.com, I love picnics homemade, store-bought, or a combination. It's a perfect reason to slow down and enjoy the beauty around you....and...in front of your face.

Live a little...okay, live a lot!

...and take the time to show our children that the world belongs to them.

The world is yours,