Book Review: Perfectly Loved by Rhana Ghittens

I really, REALLY, enjoy reading!

I credit my parents for instilling the value of reading at an early age. When I was younger I would inhale as many as 13 [chapter] books in one week's time. (Ahhh, the good old days, when my only responsibility was to do well in school and keep my room clean, lol.)

I'm the kind of reader that reads it all - introductions, forewords, prefaces...foot notes, etc. Now that I have a few (lol, understatement) more responsibilities these days,  I have become extremely picky about the books I read...

I'm even more critical of books surrounding the Christian faith. Why? Because "Opinions are like noses...everybody has one!" 

Two months ago I got my hands on a signed copy of the book Perfectly Loved. Below is a short review highlighting what you need to know. 


Happy Reading...



Perfectly Loved: Knowing Love on God's Terms is a book written by first time author Rhana Gittens.  

Why you should read this book - If you have ever thought about love for more than 2 seconds this book is for you! The word "LOVE" is so overused in American society...we love this, we love that. Yet, when it comes to real, frank, and transparent conversations about LOVE the subject is almost taboo. There is so much debate as to what "real love" looks like and many of us busy ourselves with looking for love aimlessly. Still, instead of confessing that we are struggling with finding, giving, receiving, or even believing in love, we pretend that we are not struggling with feelings of loneliness or declare that we don't need love anyway. Perfectly Loved speaks to the universal struggles humans experience with love by first breaking down the true definition of love and applying it across all relationships. The book offers honest commentary and practical tips on loving yourself, loving your family, loving your friends and accepting God's love. 

Highlights - Rhana candidly shares snapshots of her life which people from all walks of life will be able to relate. In addition to parts of her life story, Rhana also includes "my story" sections in each chapter where other people also share their own struggles with love in particular areas. Chances are you will see yourself in the pages of this book in one of the stories shared or at the very least in the emotions experienced. 

Each chapter has a "Think About It" section which includes questions and places to write a response. The section helps you to reflect on what you've read and allows you to be honest with yourself.

If you are like me then you're probably wondering about the firefly on the cover - get ready to be blown away by the analogy Rhana uses in the book. 

My suggestion? Take your time. It's all great information. Go through the book a chapter at a time so you can reflect on the information presented and let it saturate your heart. Read this book with a friend...or three. Use this book to stimulate honest conversation with your loved ones. You may find it clearly articulates, things you have not been able to make sense of before. 

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