Up and Running: 6 Months & Counting...

Woot Woot!!

Another Wednesday...and yet it's a Wednesday like no other. Danny and I are so excited to be able to launch this new site! 

So thank you! Thank you for taking time out to check us out.

[Consider this post our Grand Tour of findlayhouse.com] 

Danny and I have officially been married for 6 months and 6 days...

...only a lifetime left to go!

[A post dedicated to our wedding photos is coming SOON - I promise!]

I never liked math but I do enjoy counting. I do a lot of counting as it concerns Danny and I. When he falls asleep first and I can snuggle up to him without him rolling away to get more "personal" space, I count the breaths he takes. Sometimes I count his heartbeats. I'm a little obsessed.

Speaking of Danny. I have to give him credit, he definitely makes me greater and is constantly helping me get to the next level. Before marriage, I was pretty used to being creative on my own and coming up with a good idea and running with it. However, I have found him to be a great resource in times when I'm stuck.

We talked about securing a domain since the beginning of the year. One domain. I wanted it to be a place where I could showcase my creativity in a professional, portfolio-packaged kind of way, while still being able to write and encourage others through blog posts. Danny and I talked about it but kind of put it on the back burner. But as business began picking up for I realized I couldn't keep putting it off. 

For two weeks I struggled with coming up with a name on my own.

Finally, one day I told Danny, I really need a name for this domain and I need it like now, and BOOM he said findlayhouse.com - matter-of-factly.

To be honest I dismissed him.

There's no way I had been agonizing over a domain name for weeks and he gets in in .2 seconds flat. 

All I could manage was a "Eh..." and that was it, he went to work. But then the light bulb went off for me. Findlay House was PERFECT. It totally and completely encompassed everything I wanted and felt God was impressing on me and more! The concept for the site as far as rooms came immediately. Definitely a GOD thing. When I spoke to Danny about it later that night he told me he had been thinking about the domain name for some time, so when he said it to me earlier that day it was not just an off-the-cuff answer, it was something he had put considerable thought and prayer into. Ugh. LOVE him!  He's the man! So hats off to my king and covering for lighting my creative spark...His support and faith in me leave me speechless. 

I can say that the past 6 months have certainly been the most challenging and rewarding 6 months of my life. I've learned so much!

As far as the site, everything came together in a matter of weeks. One of my favorite aspects of the new site is the fact that I kept most everything from the Wordpress blog site. So it's literally everything I love about blogging just Better!

As the example above might make clear [choosing a domain name], I have found that sometimes I stress myself out unnecessarily, simply because I forget to just ask Danny's opinion. Some things I have prayed about and still felt like God was being silent. Then, when I finally bring it up to Danny I realize he has the answer. This is not to say Danny is my god, no, but for some reason or another God gives the answer to Danny.

I know God can speak to me directly too.

But I think in this season of my life God is using Danny as a vessel and directing my answers to him, so that I develop the habit of sharing everything with my husband. I believe God is showing me that I can rely on my husband and that I don't have to attempt to struggle with difficult things by myself. I now have a life partner who is willing to walk with me and work with me in every area. 

So what is Findlay House?

It's our online address, our internet imprint...a little of our legacy. 

We wanted our online home to reflect the ambience of our physical home together. Thus, whether you find us at home in Atlanta or "at home" online, you will find we enjoy thought provoking, transparent conversation, good food and even better music! Smiles are abundant and laughter is a common occurrence. 

Findlay House is a place to take off your cool and relax. A place where you can always feel welcomed and accepted. Find solace, encouragement, and motivation in the stories shared here, which bring an understanding that gently reminds you that you are not alone. 

We're spreading love and light through conversation so you can leave inspired and live inspired. 

You can expect posts from Danny as well as myself. You can also expect music exclusives from Danny in the studio. We believe we're blessed to be a blessing, so you can expect giveaways and surprises, every now and then. 

Now that you have a little bit of background, feel free to explore the rest of the house...simply click the links above or below.

Findlay House. YOU are welcome here. 

You are cordially invited. Be our guest!

Best wishes of love & light,

- Cara

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