WEDDED Wednesdays: The Kirklands' Story

Welcome to "WEDDED Wednesdays." Each week we share our friends' stories of love and marriage with you! Real LOVE stories. This week - Meet the Kirklands!



How long have you been married? 1 year, 1 month, and 14 days

How did you meet? We met while serving at church. 

"Before even thinking of being in a relationship, Marcus and I developed a friendship. We both remember the day like it was yesterday, it was a Sunday morning and we both were serving at our former church. I was at the end of the hall walking towards the front and Marcus was at the other end of the hall having a conversation with another member." - LaWanda 

"I waved hello to LaWanda and she waved hello back, she walked up to me and we had a brief but funny conversation. That particular morning I was enjoying an egg sandwich, which LaWanda thought looked tasty. We had a conversation about my sandwich, we talked about a few other things as well but the sandwich was the major topic [of discussion]. That Sunday was the beginning of a friendship that would last four years." - Marcus 

"You may be thinking, 'If you were friends for four years when do you become more?' Well that transition happened without either of us really realizing it.

The year 2012 – 2013 was a year of transition for me. God had spoken to me and told me that my eyes would be closed to males and he wanted me to focus on ministry and His purpose for me, and that I would not look at a male in a relationship way until I was connected to my husband. After a little pushback, I was obedient to God's command, so I truly was not looking for a relationship. 

Marcus and I worked an event together at church and the day before the event, we greeted each other in our normal fashion, Marcus would bow and I would curtsey. But for some reason this time after we did that we gave each other a hug, something we had never done in our four years of friendship.

The funny thing is we did it so naturally that neither of us realized we hugged each other. The next day was the event and we spent the evening joking with each other, which was normal, but something different happened at the end of the night, Marcus hugged me, touched my shoulder, and said, 'Talk to me sometime.' Now ladies I had no idea what that statement meant, 'Talk to me sometime?' So I took my time, the event was in March but it was not until July that I saw Marcus in a different light and he saw me in that light as well." - LaWanda  

We had our first date on July 19, 2013 and we have seen each other every day since.

How long did you date? We dated for 4 months.

"It was 4 months and 27 days before Marcus proposed to me on Christmas Eve 2013." - LaWanda

How would you describe your wedding? Our wedding was an intimate and simple affair that focused completely on the marriage and those we held close to our hearts. We wanted people there who sowed into our lives, understood the charge of upholding the covenant we were entering, and accepted it. Because we love to fellowship with friends and family we served Hors d'oeuvres so our guests could enjoy the food while enjoying each other. 

Marriage Mission Statement: Our marriage is our ministry. God placed us together for more than what we can do for each other, but what we can do as a team for others through Him. We strive to serve others with GOD's Word, [our] gifts, and love, and teach GOD's nature, GOD's Works, and GOD's Character.

Best advice you received before marriage: The wedding is a day, the marriage is a lifetime, continue to focus on the marriage and GOD's direction for it. 

Favorite activity to do together: Food is our love and we enjoy cooking, experimenting, and creating new entrees.

"LaWanda and I truly find joy when we get to play in the kitchen together for our friends and family members to enjoy what we have created as a team. We love to go out and find restaurants off the beaten path, the ones that don't make the front page but need to. When we are not exploring new foods we like to unwind with a 'quiet' game of Call of Duty on the Xbox." - Marcus

Advice for engaged couples: Understand the purpose GOD has for the two of you getting married and let that be your focal point. It's not about pleasing the wife or pleasing the husband, it's about pleasing GOD and following His direction. By doing this you will not just please your spouse but your union will be pleasing to GOD. 

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