WEDDED Wednesdays: The Wares' Story

Welcome to "WEDDED Wednesdays." Each week we share our friends' stories of love and marriage with you! Real LOVE stories. This week - Meet the WARES!


Stephanie and Michael Ware on their Wedding Day. 

Stephanie and Michael Ware on their Wedding Day. 


How long have you been married? 

On March 9th we will be celebrating 2 years of marriage but we have been dating since 2009.


How did you meet?
Not many people know the full story of how we met, but it was in age of myspace, before online dating was a real thing. Lol.

"We connected on myspace when I was living in Orlando. When we met we had no intention of dating, we were just really good friends that talked constantly and feelings grew from there.  We dated long distance for almost 5 years." - Stephanie


How long did you date?
We dated a total of 6 years but it was difficult because it was long distance thank God for technology like Skype, that helped keep us connected.

"Every chance we had we were talking to each other, between his schedule and my crazy work and school schedule it was hectic but we made it work. We always loved each other but after I got diagnosed with my eye disease that's when I knew he really, REALLY loved me and Ithink thats when my family began to realize it as well. For a man to stick by me through that when we just "dating" I can't even explain it." - Stephanie


How would you describe your wedding?
"Our was completely different from how I originally wanted it. We wanted something intimate and outdoors, instead we had 200 people inside a banquet hall. I still got the theme I wanted which was vintage and practically everything was DIY. I have been blessed to be creative and had amazing friends and family who were willing to help bring my visions to life. We had the time of our life though and it was amazing to share our love with family and friends." -Stephanie


Marriage Mission Statement:
Our goal is to live our life as though it was still our first year courting but this time in the same zip code. We will forever remain best friends.


Best Advice you received before marriage:
We got so much advice especially since many people thought we were too young to get married, but the number one thing has been to put God first. We strive to do that every day.  Another thing was, communication along side compromise.


Favorite activity to do together:
We are pretty chill people, we do everything together.

"He makes every activity fun because he always keeps me smiling. But if we had to pick one thing it would be traveling. We love trying new things and creating new memories together." -Stephanie 


Advice for engaged couples:
COMMUNICATION is everything. Talk about everything and anything even you think you know the answer or you thought you discussed it already. People evolve constantly. You always have to be true to yourself.

"Communicating was never my strong point, instead I kept everything to myself which was detrimental to our relationship [at one point]. Again, talk everything out, even if it hurts." - Stephanie


Blog Link(s) or Favorite Links:

Honestly we aren't super blog readers. Lol

"I uses to write my own blog about growing up in a single parent home, but since having my own child my feelings have changed and I haven't posted in a long time. But your blog and are blogs I still do read." - Stephanie 

[One thing Stephanie failed to mention, in all her modesty, is that in addition to being a proud mama and an obviously happy wife, she is an artistic BEAST. Because of the eye disease she mentioned in their story Stephanie is considered legally blind and yet her drawings, paintings, and portrait skills are AMAZING! Her art work has been exhibited in art galleries all over, including London, and the Louvre in Paris. Check out her amazing work at -xoxo CF]

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