Marriage Minutes - Episode 4 - TWAIN

Danny and I are on the cusp of celebrating 2 years of marriage! (Only a little less than a month to go!)

For the last few weeks Danny has been sharing some insights on marriage through his segment Marriage Minutes.

Because we met as teenagers, and were the best of friends when we were engaged, it was hard for me to comprehend that marriage would be THAT different.

(Aside from the obvious - Danny would no longer be my fiancé, he would be my husband. We would be living together permanently and be unable to escape each other's company, not that I would want to.) 

But after Danny and I exchanged our vows on our wedding day, and were pronounced husband and wife, there was an immediate shift. It was different.

VERY different. 

In the best way!

On our honeymoon, I found myself saying "I'm in Jamaica on my honeymoon with my husband" every chance I got, mostly to remind myself that this was real — I was really married, Danny was really my husband, and marriage was really different than anything else we had experienced together. 

There's no other way to describe the transformation that took place except to say that it was the beginning of two people becoming one — a true merging of souls and spirits.

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I said our wedding day was the beginning of two people becoming one because

becoming one is a process. 

It's a process that requires unlearning.

You have to unlearn everything that points to loving deeply being a weakness or submission being this terrible burden that eradicates your personality.

Becoming one is a process that requires a willing heart and a teachable spirit. 

You have to be willing to learn your partner. You have to be willing to learn how to be a good listener and how to communicate effectively. You have to learn how to find fulfillment in pleasing your spouse.

You have to learn how to do life together, as one — a married couple, one unit, one team, one pair. 

These aren't lessons that are learned overnight. The process can be challenging but it's always rewarding beyond measure. 

Trust the process.