Family Firsts

I’m still recuperating from the awesome highs of the past week, still trying to readjust to “normal" life, and I'm finding it’s requiring much effort.  

I’m still reeling from all the joy of reuniting with our little one for ten (10) days.

Our daughter, Azariah, came down and spent her Spring Break with us. It was wonderful. Having that time with her was truly an answered prayer.

Azariah is such a beautiful little girl. Her giggles are some of the sweetest sounds you’ve ever heard. Her eyes have this magical way of lighting up with such delight that all you can do is stare in amazement.

I did a lot of that over the 10 days she was with us -

I stared at her –

trying to be as deliberate as possible in stamping these memories into my own mind while my heart hoped that she would remember them as well.

I stared at her –

sometimes lost in my thoughts, trying to remember the God-orchestrated “how’s” that led us to these precious moments.

I stared at her –

this amazing little human who has awakened within me a desire to be the absolute best stepmom and one day mother that ever was.

I stared at her –

when she asked when we would give her a brother or sister. Huh!?

I stared at her - and her father -

and couldn’t imagine my life any other way, and believe me out of curiosity I tried, but I got nothing. They have both have completely and utterly captured my heart.

I could watch her with Danny forever.

Azariah loves her daddy – this love is outrageously evident by the millions of kisses she planted on him at a given moment, by the exorbitant laughter that escaped her lips when he was amusing her, often without trying.

I stared at her –

because with all the love she already has in her heart, in her life, she has made a space just for me. 


Azariah’s Atlanta Spring Break gave our family time for a lot of family firsts.

We planned a Easter Egg hunt for the first time.

I made a watercolor painting for the first time in my adult life alongside our young artist.

The three of us went indoor rock climbing for the first time – each of us made it to the top several top! (The girl is fearless!)

And although we got to spend two Sundays with her - the CROWNING moment of our reunion was this past Sunday - and having the opportunity to spend our first major holiday together as the Findlay Family.

We even wore matching colors to church!

(I never really saw myself as that kind of family but it kind of happened.)

And we put together and gave our first Easter Basket to Azariah.

It was a beautifully-fitting first holiday.

Best of all it gave us more of an opportunity to talk to her about Jesus throughout the week. 

We actually spent a lot of time reading Bible stories and talking about Jesus while she was here. It was wonderful to hear her want us to read from her children's bible and to watch her brows furrow with questions and then see her face light up when she discovered what was coming next. 

Sunday was a busy day. Danny went to church before we did as he played a part in all three services. Azariah and I were left to get ready on our own.

I was a little nervous.

But I nailed it – got her dressed, fed her, got myself dressed, did our hair – and we left the house on time! No hiccups.

...Except that I was so caught up in taking to Azariah on our way out that I ended up locking us out of the house. LOL.

Danny didn’t have his house key on him either.

In no way did that ruin our day. After church we took photos and went to a restaurant for lunch. By the time we got home a locksmith met us and got us in the house.

Dinner got started a little later than I planned, and we experienced a power outage because of the weather but all in all we had an amazing day.

Our Easter Family Dinner around the table was very special, we got to treat Azariah to a lot of firsts – dinner by candlelight, sparkling grape juice in a fancy glass, music playing throughout dinner with dancing immediately following...

I know she had a great time and is looking forward to coming back. But when she left Monday, I was heartbroken. It was hard. Harder than the first time she came to visit and then left.  

Still, we’re both so grateful to have been able to spend that time with our shining star and we're all looking forward to the next time our little family will reunite. 

Spring is Springing! And we're glad about it -

Happy Spring from the Findlays!