Marriage Minutes - Episode 2 - Money and Matrimony

Of all the topics — annoying habits, rearing the children, communication, chores, work, etc. — that could potentially trigger an argument, money is usually the number one culprit. 

It's not just a lack of finances but a lack of compatibility in a couple's individual views of finances that can cause tension and conflict within a marriage. 

Danny decided to take on the subject in the second episode of Marriage Minutes.

(To see Danny's intro video and learn more about this latest segment, click here -> Marriage Minutes.) 

Hearts don't come with credit scores. And unfortunately, for some married couples money can become such a point of contention that divorce seems to be the only logical recourse.  

Financial disagreements aren't the sole reason for maimed marriages. How a person handles disagreements — financial and otherwise —  with their spouse, and how he or she weathers tough times, says more about their character than anything else. Sometimes it reveals that they're bankrupt internally. So in some way, life is a credit report. 

For Danny and I, divorce is not an option. So when it seems something doesn't agree, we bring it up as often as necessary and keep the conversation going for as long as it takes until we can get on the same page. 

Divorce is not an option. We so want the same to be true for each of you. 

Whether you're experiencing times of plenty or times of lack together, effective communication is always key. 


What do you do when money and matrimony don't agree?