Lost at Sea

As summer starts to officially come to a close, and I think of the "ocean" of work it seems I need to get through, I can't help but reminisce on our summer family vacation.

For 5 whole days, we got to be lost at sea. 

Azariah's first international trip couldn't have been any more perfect. 

I know. Any sensible parent would be uncomfortable with their child being lost — unable to find his or her way.

But, lost is exactly what we wanted for Azariah.

Like any good parent who loves their child, Danny and I want Azariah to lose herself in the fantastic wonder of the BIG world around her! On this trip in particular, we wanted Azariah to have a chance to leave behind everything she had already known and experienced to discover something new and magical.

We were successful! Azariah got to experience a new mode of transportation — traveling by ship! She went to three new beaches in two countries she'd never been to before. She got to immerse herself in vibrant colors and a new culture at the Open Air Market in Nassau. And she learned the history of Grand Turk on a bus tour. 

Yes, Azariah was lost. In a totally new experience. And in allowing her to be lost, she discovered so much more about the world around her.  

We all got to be a little lost. 

Even if only for a second, we all thought about how small we were compared to the vast ocean we were traveling on. 

I personally had a love-hate relationship with looking out over the ship's rails. I looked over the rails often, trying to wrap my mind around the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean.

And trying to shake the anxiety that would occasionally well up inside me when I could see no land in any direction and knew that basically the ocean has no floor since the floor is more than 10,000 feet below the surface. (I mean really!? What's the point? LOL)

We enjoyed precious time together and made memories that I pray will last Azariah a lifetime!

I know this trip gave me the opportunity to re-learn some valuable lessons that I hope will stick with me as I journey through my days -

It's okay to be lost. It's okay to lose yourself to the beauty of a moment. It's okay to lose yourself in a new place, a new culture.
Being lost is sometimes the beginning of a great adventure.

To the great adventures in all our lives yet to come, CHEERS!