Marriage Minutes - Episode 3 - Divided!

Pleasing -

The Lord? Your Spouse? Is that the right order?

In 1 Cor. 7:32-34 The Apostle Paul says,

"I want you to be free from anxieties. The unmarried man is anxious about the affairs of the Lord, how to please the Lord; but the married man is anxious about worldly affairs, how to please his wife, and his interests are..."


While Paul advocates marriage as God's solution to the temptations of "sexual immorality” (1 Cor. 7:2); Paul also goes on to say that “in view of the present distress” of that time married men should live as though they are not bound to a wife (1 Cor. 7:29), so that his devotion to the Lord remains constant.

At face value this may seem like a Catch 22!

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Here's what we can learn from 1 Corinthians 7 in it's proper context -

  • Marriage is a great thing! It's a God ordained thing and those who are married should not divorce (Jesus said that)! 
  • As a married couple we should give our conjugal rights to our spouse!
  • Finally, Paul also states that if we're single we should seek contentment in our singleness rather than seek contentment in marriage. 
  • But if we’re married, we should have the spirituality of a single person who is fully devoted to the Lord so that, in distressing times, interests will not be divided.