RE: Claiming SEX - The Introduction

Let's really talk about sex. 

To be clear. 

There is no shortage of sex in American society.

Sex is everywhere.

Its there when we turn on our TVs, and when we log in to social media. People sing about it in music. Marketers and advertisers use it to sell us products. And some of us literally define ourselves by it. 

There is no lack of sex. 

... what is lacking is Truth... 

I found that when I got married, having honest, Truth-filled conversations about sex, with people other than Danny, became almost taboo. I found myself bothered by the stark contrast to my experience as a single person.

When you're single sex is discussed freely and openly. But when you're married, talking sex with someone other than your spouse seems to be off limits—except for the cliche comments that suggest:

  • marriage is only about sex and/or
  • if you have any problems with sex in your marriage then its time to buy some cutesy lingerie and try something new.

That. just. wasn't. good enough. for me.

Again. To be clear.

Even though American society treats sex as common, sex shouldn't be discussed flippantly. There's nothing common or casual about it.

And if you are married, whether you're having issues with sex or not, 

the best person to talk to will always be your spouse.


I want to talk about how, and why, sex is meant to be enjoyed, unashamed and unapologetically.

I want to talk through some of the questions or challenges that may arise. 

I want to be able to say and hear something more than,  "It may be uncomfortable and even hurt if its your first time" (If you're a woman); and "You don't want to be a one-minute man" (if you're a man).

What's safe? What's not?

What's good? What's better? And how does one have the best sex?

...Those are some of the things we'll be talking through in the series, RE: Claiming SEX. There will be a new post every week in the month of February, right here in the Bedroom

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Looking forward to sharing with you!! 

- Cara